Hi there.

Finally, he’s gone and the world still doesn’t wanna let go of him, myself inclusive.

I think the first time I ever heard of Madiba growing up was the day I stumbled on his Long Walk To Freedom. I was 10 and could barely connect with him. But when I was done reading, I realised he was a great man. In the midst of the stench corrupt leaders oozed, he was a breath of fresh air.

When the news of his death broke out on Twitter, I thought it was a farce and didn’t pay so much attention to it.. In my mind, I was like, he’s probably admitted again. He’ll come out of it like he always did until the tributes began rolling in with my tears accompanying them. I couldn’t hold back. He had gone. For real this time. And heaven will welcome him with open arms.

He has gone to rest. What felt like a mourn turned to tears of joy because he deserved to be celebrated even in death for a long time.

Sleep On Madiba.



This is….


I’m just here still trying to grasp the fact that Paul Walker is dead. For some reasons, I’m just sad. It’s been a while I was actually sad. My mood is a mess. Couldn’t concentrate in Church. I literally had tears in my eyes. I had to hold them back, afraid that I’ll bring unnecessary attention to myself. I can’t believe such a beautiful soul is gone. I haven’t been such a fan of the Fast and the furious franchaise until recently. Even at that, I knew the major cast. I remember going to the cinemas early this year to watch Fast 6 with Ola. We left anticipating Fast 7 which I believe will be released in a couple of years. But Paul stood out for me. Maybe it was because of his eyes. LOL. He was easily my fave after Ludacris and Tyrese you know. Wow! It’s just sad. I am sad and I want to cry.

May God grant your family, the Fast family and everyone that knows you the fortitude to bear the loss.


A Lil’ Catch Up!

Hey guys! What’s up with y’all?!

Been a while. Yeah not so far tho buh that’s how i feel. I’m seriously dreading this point in my life where i don’t have daily posts to feed y’all; even as little as a sonnet. 😦 :(. I really do not want my job to pull me away from my dearly beloved blog. LOL. Anyways i’m here now and that’s all that matters.

This past weekend was one tough one for me. The death of Cory Monteith hit me so hard, you’ll think he was a relative or a family member. A couple of years ago, i became so attached to Glee. I dunno. I was an official GleeK. Along the line,it became my fave tv show/musical/comedy all rolled in one [even though i aven’t seen it in a while tho; *winks]. I have both original and cover songs on my phone to fill the void so i don’t miss it too much. Or why else do i watch it?! Their voices are paramount importance. The whole synchronisation and delivery gives me goosebumps. So when i heard Cory died, i was like’ ”wow!”. Found it really hard to believe until Perez Hilton decided to clog my TL with links and tributes and then it finally sank. That very tall,huge guy with an amazing voice and a contagious personality was dead. Glee would never be the same again. The chemistry between Cory and Lea was heavenly. If they finally decide to replace him, they should change the entire cast. Sometime ago, i did a little background check on him and found out he had issues. He’s been through so much and has been trying to come clean; checking into rehabs and all. Buh after everything, he still died. Wow! I know God has a reason for taking him(i.e if he didn’t actually commit suicide, not sure yet). One thing i know for sure is i’m gonna miss him. I mean i have over 50% of their songs and i can sooo recognise his voice from anywhere.*sigh. #RIPCoryMonteith. (This should count as a tribute right?!)

On to not-so-important things;

i think i’ve finally been able to settle and cope with my job. Suddenly it just seems bearable. That’s the idea right?! What then is point of staying the whole month or more?! You get used to it and then it doesn’t seem so terrible anymore. *sigh. Whatever.

A couple of weeks ago i downloaded The Message Bible on my phone. I CANNOT believe i’ve been depriving myself of such GREATNESS!!!. Like i heard about it from my timeline you know and i just consciously ignored it. I didn’t think there was more to it than the regular other Bible versions. And then i downloaded it and used it for my devotion instead of my usual KJV. Wow! That’s all i can say. One of the reasons why i kinda sorta stall my bible readings is the version. As much as i love KJV and NIV, i still find it difficult to comprehend some passages you know. So this Message version was everything! I have no excuse whatsoever for not reading at least a chapter everyday. It’s easy to read and quite self-explanatory.

My aunt needs to stop tensioning me about my FB profile pictures. Like what the hell?!

The endless arguments on Twittersphere is gonna drive me crazy someday. Amean why is there an argument for/against washing boyfriends’ clothes and underwear?! Have washing machines gone extinct?!!! Or have guys sudden become paralysed?! Ugh! *rme. Then again, that’s the fun of it. I’ll just be here loling at their ignorance and stupidity.

I should go.

Don’t worry guys, y’all are always on my mind 😀