Quite Friendly!

Hey guys!

Growing up, most of my friends were my juniors. In their midst i was always the oldest or close to with probably a year or two difference. And because of that, i always felt too ”matured” so to speak. I didn’t behave and act the way they did. Our train of thoughts were always apart. Our attitudes were quite different. I don’t even know how we managed to remain friends when we didn’t have so much in common.[They are called childhood friends for a reason and most times they are family/church friends]. When we got to a certain age, we went our seperate ways.

As i grew up and went through school, the same trend continued i found myself again among younger people. Buh this time, instead of being so uptight and condescending, i loosened up! I let myself live. I didn’t care. I let them tease and pull my legs. i let them love and condemn me. I let them share hugs and kisses. I bascially turned tables and became the ”baby” among them. I’m so glad i did because i made AMAZING friends back in school. But it wasn’t all rosy. There were often clashes. I had (still have) issues with those with ”low IQ”.Those that are sluggish and non-challant put me off completely! Infact that was the main reason for some ”failed” friendships! Those that give so much attention to worthless things irritate me. I’m very particular about the sort of people that are around me because i feel they should be able to uphold and stand in the gap for me and vice versa. I have high expectations because i believe my friends are part of me. They need to be able to inspire me[and vice versa]. We need to have common interests and go crazy whenever we feel like. We need to be able to appreciate each other and share similar values. I need to be able to call you @ 3am and talk. LOL. That’s why i don’t have too many friends. Too much responsibility.

Friendships are platforms for involvements in other people’s lives to make tangible differences. [positively or negatively]. And because they play a major role in our lives; as their influence cannot be avoided, i think we need to pay attention to the kind of people we hang out with.

P.S: Don’t mind me. Once we bond, we shouldn’t have issues.




Ive been a Redeemer for more than 10years.I can remember then i used to live @ Surulere and my church was just down the road (totally off point). i remember every once in a month my mom would take my brother & I to the Redemption Camp (worldwide headquarters of RCCG). By the time we got dere I’d just eat & sleep all thru the service.that had been a trend for me all thru my childhood days.The Holy Ghost Congress is an annual program of RCCG that holds every December.it started off as a 3-day program buh now runs for a week.This year’s ended today.Im blogging about this cos this year’s was quite different for me.Instead of the regular going-to-the-auditorium to attend the evening service, i stayed home and watched the program via TV not because of anything but because i was simply LAZY! I wasnt motivated to walk to the auditorium so i just didnt move.You can imagine my joy when i discovered it was shown live on TV.Every evening i found myself siting in front of the TV anticipating the sermon.After the 1st day i realised i was BLESSED! I felt refreshed &  different! I was really happy i followed my instinct. Over the years I’d done the same thing and it became a norm you know.I didnt feel anything after the program maybe because at some point I had been forced to attend.I didnt have the choice of ‘not attending’ except maybe i was ill or something.This year i decided to do something different cos i was tired of feeling the same way.

My point is once in a while move out of your comfort zone. Digress from a trend or anything you have done for a long period of time.Find new ways to do that same thing & trust me you’ll be happy you did so.The motivation will come from nowhere. 😀