Today I’m particularly thankful for the life of my friend Ola. I got a call yesterday that he went for a surgery and came out successfully. Infact he was speaking from his hospital bed. I couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if he didn’t but because he did I shoved the thought away. For a long time, I talked and talked and couldn’t stop talking. He even began to complain. LOL. At first, I was upset he didn’t tell me earlier, amean he did about a year ago but I expected him to remind me so that I could intercede on his behalf. But whatever his reasons are, I respect them. I’m just so thankful reallly. You have no idea. My heart is full of gratitude to God. I haven’t seen him in a while but we’re always in touch which can be a chore sometimes. But Ola is always there. He’s had my back for as long as I can remember and I’m grateful I didn’t lose him.

I love you Ola. God bless and keep you. :*



We Are One!!!!

Hi guys!

Today marks the first year anniversary of this blog. It’s been an amazing year!!!! Right now, I’m overwhelmed. I’m just so thankful for every single one of my wordpress followers, blog readers, comments and referrals. It’s been a year of drastic and substantial growth. I’ve met talented writers who inspire and drive me through this blog. It hasn’t been really easy but there was one thing on my mind all through; consistency! That’s what basically drives me to write at least 20 posts monthly and I’m glad I’ve gotten to this stage where it really isn’t a problem anymore. Anyways in the course of the year, my stats shows I’ve had

306 posts
1,515 email subscribers
Over 200 likes
Over 174 followers worldwide

With all these, I’m pretty content especially since I achieved this without the help of any family or friend. [Yeah, it’s hard to believe but none of my family members or school friends have actually been here and it’s fine by me, honestly]. So I’m proud of myself to some extent. I refused to get involved or campaign for the just concluded Nigerian Blog Awards. I didn’t feel the need to be validated or rewarded for something that has become a second nature to me. I also refrained from spamming my timeline with links of my blogposts. I figured readers will come around as long as I’m consistent enough and I’m pleased with the results so far. I might not get tons of comments or traffic but I’m satisfied with my close knit of blog readers.

It’s been an awesome year. Thank y’all for making this a reality!

Cheers to a better and more rewarding year! [I’m tempted to insert *Eko o ni baje* here. LOL!]


2013 In Retrospect: Highlights.

Hi there.

2013 has been quite an eventful year for me. It’s been mostly filled with new discoveries, realisations, lessons and whatnots. The year started on a good note. I had a few plans with little or no expectation. Well, let’s just say, it didn’t quite turn out to be what I expected, it was better. It was overwhelming. A lot of things happened and I’m grateful for every single one of them and even the requests that weren’t answered, I’m grateful still because the Holy Book says, the thoughts He has of us are good and not evil to give us a hope and a future and even though it might tarry, it would surely come to pass. That’s my consolation.

2013 was particularly a year of firsts.

I got my first full-time job. I learnt how to work under a female boss(looking forward to working under a male boss too) and under official working conditions. At the end of the short but eventful 3 months, I made up I mind I was gonna be my own boss. I was never gonna work for anybody.

I also got my first online job which was somewhat a dream job. Unexpected! Working with African Naturalistas has been eye-opening. I can proudly add team work to one of my skills. My teammates are gradually becoming a family and I love that I can look out for them in the society.

My first natural hair journey has been something. A couple of days ago, I took down my twists which was almost causing a migraine. I didn’t know when I took a scissors and started chopping off the knots. Detangling was strange to me.. Still is. I almost cried.

I’m currently getting my first training as a professional photographer. There are times when it all just sounds like gibberish and I wanna toss them out of the window and just take a photo without being conscious of the rules and putting the techniques into perspective. It’s been fun though and I can’t wait to really start off. I also got to handle a DSLR for the first time.

My first experience at The Experience was life-changing.

2013 was the year I was actually single. No boy dramas, no strings, no attachments, just reclusity. I learnt to be comfortable and enjoy my own company. Serenity and solitude have become my watchword. It got lonely at some point but especially when I see a couple being all mushy-mushy but I survived. I promised myself I wasn’t gonna get into a relationship just because and I’m glad the opportunity didn’t show itself.

I took Creative Writing serious for the first time this year. I actually saw the possibility of a career/side hustle in it..

For the first time in my entire life, my mum called me an adult. Yes, it’s very serious. You see, I’m not very tall, so there’s a possibility she still sees me as that 15 year old. So when she made that comment, I was sort of taken aback but at the same time happy that she realises I’m an a young adult thereby allowing me take decisions for myself.

Order than the firsts, it’s been a year of

Growth. Drastic, meaningful growth. I’m feel totally different from how I did at the beginning of the year. My life suddenly has definition and is going in the right direction. For the first time, I dropped some friends. People that didn’t add meaning to my life. As harsh or thoughtless as it sounds, I’m actually grateful for the strength to do it.. I don’t have to worry about people filling me with the wrong vibe.

Clarity. God has just been faithful. Often times this year as always, he revealed a lot of things which helped me make headway. I love that I could consult Him concerning any area of my life and He would give me feedback!

Sanity. With all the craziness going on around, it’s by the grace of God, we’re not loosing our minds.

Budding Friendships. With the intentional drop of old friends, it seemed appropriate to replace them with new people but I wasn’t in a rush. I wanted people with kindred spirits who shared the same values and I’m glad I got them. They might not be so many but I’m grateful for them still.

Revamp! I finally got around to revamping my playlist thanks to Sola. I discovered some pretty amazing contemporary christian artistes

Abstinence. Last year I made a vow to keep myself until marriage and I’m grateful to God for grace and discipline.

Answered prayers. For the past 20years my family and I have been looking up to God for something and we got it this year.

A blogpost won’t be enough for me to count my blessings. My heart’s just full of gratitude and like Tiana said I’m looking forward to a double portion in 2014.

My lowlights will be coming up in my next post.

Always and Forever


Hi there.
I. Am. Exhausted! I feel like I haven’t had enough sleep and i’ve actually been sleeping. I feel stressed and it’s taking a toll on me. It’s crazy!

Anyways this past week, I’m grateful for;
1. Life
2. Sunglasses
3.Coca cola
4. Youversion app. (Greatness)
5. Ice
7. Sleep
8. Budding friendships
9. Smiles and laughter
10. Provision (Cash and kind)
11. Air Conditioning
12. Photography classes.
13. Strength
14. Appetite
15. My newest nail polish. ^^
16. Sanity

Side Note: In the spirit of december, which signifies the end of a year and the beginning of a new year, I think it’s just apt to talk about my highlights and lowlights of 2013. So in the coming weeks, I hope to gather my thoughts lucidly and deliver timely for y’all to read. [Pray for me; I need strength].


In the spirit of thanksgiving.

Hey guys
I feel like I didn’t do enough justice to #ThankfulThursdays this week because it’s thanksgiving. I felt compelled to come back here and really give thanks. Coincidentally it’s thanksgiving on Sunday too so I’m just gonna give a list of people/things I’m thankful for generally.

I’m thankful for
1. The Grace of God.
2. The Word of God.
3. Sanity
4. My family
5. Provision, guidance and protection.
6. All my team mates in African Naturalistas.
7. Sola|@Replacement2
8. Dunni |@Trilldunnii_
9. Feranmi |@_StreetCEO_
10. Ola
11. King | @ Osibelking
12. Books
13. The Internet
14. Worship songs
15. My blog readers
16. Coke
17. Yogurt
18. My school
19. Love and romance
20. Twitter
21. Pinterest
22. Photography & Makeup.
23. Lee Min Ho
24. Hair products
25. Sunglasses
26. Peace of mind.
27. Ankara
28. Sunrise/sunset
29. Safety
30. Praise and criticism
31. Decency
32. Earphones
33. Movies
34. Values
35. Fresh air.
36. Lists
37. Creativity
38.Boli and Groundnut
39. Pounded Yam and Efo Riro
40. Turkey
41. Gadgets/Apps
42. My blog
43. My hair
44. My closet
45. Microwaves
46. Washing machines
47. Honey/Lemons/Baking Soda/ACV.
48. Tenth Avenue North
49. Casting Crowns
50. Life in general

This list is inexhaustible. I’ve basically written the first things that came to my mind. The whole idea is to appreciate the very little things we have/own because some people lack that very thing you’re taking for granted.

Happy Thanksgiving.


NEW: #ThankfulThursdays

Hello people!

This week, in no particular order I’m thankful for

1. Good health
2. Gift of Life
3. Safe journey
4. The Internet
5. Yogurt
6. Boli and Groundnut
7. BRT Bus card
8. Tenth Avenue North’s Worn
9. @Replacement2
10. Hair products
11. Provisions(cash and kind)
12. BellaNaija
13. My Gmail
14. My handbag
15. Sunglasses
17. School exams
18. My phone
19. Photography
20. My mother
21. Sanity
22. Poundo and Efo Riro.
23. Life in general

This is going to be a weekly series. I hope I can keep up.

Always and Forever

With A Grateful Heart.

Hello People!

The long weekend is finally over. That was fast. I’m sorta happy it is cause i got tired of sleeping and tweeting all day. I need the end of the month to come ASAP! If you know what i mean. LOL.

Anyways on to the next one….

For a while now i’ve been believing and trusting God for something. It’s been my mum’s heart desire for almost two decades and mine for a couple of years now. A few days to my birthday two months ago, i asked God to give me as a gift before or after the day. My bithday came and went, there was nothing. I knew God was doing something. You know when they say God’s time is the best; it’s true. I didn’t lose hope. I had my doubts but remained steadfast. We prayed,fasted, sowed seeds,believing God,puting our faith into action. After a while, we just let go and let God. We didn’t even think about it. We surrended all to Him. Until two days ago, around 9am, we got a life-changing phone-call.


God had started with us. We were overwhelmed. Our joy knew no bounds. My brother and I tried to scream you know. We couldn’t contain ourselves. The screaming didn’t suffice. We decided to roll on the floor just to say THANK YOU JESUS! God was[is] finally in our household answering prayers. This was the beginning. It’s just a quarter of what we’ve been asking but still we’re grateful.

Whatever it is that you want from God,just ask. He is more than able to answer your request because He has told that we should cast ALL our burdens because He cares for us and that He will supply ALL our needs according to His riches in glory. Amen.

Have a blessed week.


It’s that time of the month again!

This month has been quite unadventurous. Nothing serious,exams here and there except for a particular incident. Remember my 1st post this year,i said i was trusting God for something really big this year?! Well, the good news is the 1st part of my prayers have been answered! Halleluyah!!! You can imagine my euphoria! Something my mum has been looking forward to for the past 20 years!! Wow! It can only be God. Even though the whole process isn’t completed yet, i still believe God has a bigger package for me. He said EVERYTHING will be done in due time. So i’m just taking my time and waiting for the blessings to overwhelm me!

Apart from that,no biggie. Done with exams for this semester,moving on to a new level. Thank God for all even though the school server this year wasn’t helpful @ all and it kinda affected my grades. In all i’m still grateful.

I also got new hair and skin care regimen and followed them religiously. Thanks to all the hair blogs ive been to. I think i read more this month than in my entire life. Special S/Os to Daboju of (naija hair can grow), Funbi of (datfunkyfo) and Bassey of (lushstrands). Thank y’all for the inspiration.:)

Lest i forget, i got a new crush! :D. Up until now,ive derailed from that lane & avn’t been crushing on anyone apart from Lynxx ;). So this came as a surprise. Anyways his name is Nnamdi,a few years older than i am. He’s an IT personel (i think) and my on/off invigilator during this past exams. I was always looking forward to writing in his class. Funny enough it wasn’t even his looks that got me,it was his attitude & charisma. The way he attended to each student young & old was just…wow! He is just so caring and EXTRA nice. He didn’t raise his voice when he was called several times to fix the server problem buh took his time to answer every single person. I didn’t even pay much attention to him until the day of my last paper. As usual my system had problems buh this time he sat with me and went through all 120 questions with me! *phew! *fans self* i don’t think i can explain my feelings @ that point in time! ;). Did i mention he’s also cute. A proper TDH. I really hope i see him again & maybe just maybe tell him as Feranmi ‘advised’ who knows? What do u guys think?

Anyways that all for this month,even though it wasn’t quite as i would have wanted it to be,it was still memorable. What more could i ask for?! 😀

Happy Easter Y’all.