Alike Yet So Different

How are y’all doing?

”Oh you look so much like your mom. Anytime i see you, i see her and vice-versa.” I get this a lot!!!
My mom and i look totally alike that most times;when we are together no-one needs to ask whether i’m her daughter. They just keep staring. One will think with so much resemblance we will have so much in common. I wish!

My mom & i are so alike yet different. I think the only thing we share is our looks. Apart from that i can really think of anything else right now. We’re different in almost everything and because of this we tend to disagree a lot. Most times,i always want to have my way buh she comes out with a theory of why it should go her way. I take that as a motherly behaviour and so i don’t argue. There are times it gets to a peak that i let it all out. At that time,i really don’t care whether or not she’s my mum. I just wanna say my mind!

Moving on, I remember growing up on my own. I have two brothers after me so she almost totally ignored me. While my brothers were getting the whole TLC,i was on my own fending for myself. My dad was(is) MIA. He was like a mannequin in the house. I learnt almost everything on my own! Saved up my pocket money to buy makeup,novels,jewellery and almost everything i possessed. I even taught myself to cook. (i can’t stand staying in the kitchen with her). The only thing she bought were clothes,shoes and a couple of necessities. Anyways, i wasn’t so bothered, i learnt to take care of myself fast! I was independent in my own little way. She also wasn’t so involved in my personal life. I had a way of putting her @ arm’s length. So she knew absolutely nothing. She wasn’t even aware of my relationships. I ALWAYS confided in my best friend.(God Bless Dayo!). You can imagine growing up like that so it has kinda become part of me. Even till now,there are still so many things i don’t tell her. That ‘mother-daughter relationship’ is so faint.

Anyways, I’m kinda happy with the person i’ve turned out to be. Even without being my mum’s best friend,i still turned out well. I have God,Church,School and my best friend to thank. I was always very cautious, still am. I’ve instilled values and standards in myself. I have a sense of direction and a mind of my own. I can’t settle for less! With all this,my mom should be happy for me….if only she knew. She hardly gives me audience. She soo annoying so i keep everything to myself.

Notwithstanding,i love my mum. Amean she’s like both parents to me now and she brought me to this world. Even though i’ve secretly wished my aunt was my mom. We’re totally on the same level and she gets me. We have this level of understanding and we also look a lot alike! People always think i’m her daugther when we’re out together and she’s so quick to claim me. LOL.


Stand Out!

I guess this is supposed to be like a sequel to my previous post ‘Redemption’

Yeah i know a couple of people especially ladies that would be like ‘Your boyfriend drinks & smokes and you want him to change,what’s the big deal? Park well jare!’ Some might even be LOLing and LMAOing. Anyways i’m not here to criticize,admonish or teach people how to live their lives, i’m just here to educate and possibly inspire you.

A lot of ladies this days don’t have standards. They follow the crowd to do certain things whether it’s right or wrong without even thinking about the repercussions. They don’t have self-respect not to talk of being respected by guys or anyone for that matter. They are not contented so they end up being TOTALLY dependent on guys. Trust guys to also demand ridiculous things in return. Most times they end up being totally influenced by their boyfriends that they join them in drinking and smoking all in the name of having ‘fun’. Very recently,i heard girls have also began smoking weed. SMH. When ure doing all this,how do you expect the same guy to respect you? Correct me if i’m wrong! Because to me,it’s simple logic. The way you dress (apperance,character,charisma) is the way you’ll be addressed.

One thing that was sure in my relationship was that Ben had a level of respect for me. There were certain things he didn’t do in my presence. All the waywardness was pocketed. That was because i set a standard for myself. I didn’t condone certain things even @ that age. He knew me enough to behave in a particular manner. He could behave anyhow with his friends buh with me it was different.

Ladies and Gentlemen,you can’t eat your cake and have it. When you respect yourself,you don’t need to beg people to respect you. You automatically command respect. You need to set certain standards for yourself. You don’t have to do what everyone’s doing. There’s no crime in being DIFFERENT! People will definately talk. They have this false impression you won’t get hooked because of your so-called standards. It’s up to you to STAND UP and STAND OUT! Any guy that wants you will have to rise up to your standards or else he can forget it! Buh please let your standards be reasonable and realistic! Don’t go and set something that’s impossible or unimaginable. You’ll just die single! LOL.