Don’t Confuse Yourself!

Happy New Month Y’all.

The first thing i saw on my Twitter Timeline when i came online this afternoon was an argument/discussion between @TheSanmi and @Dastan_. They both happen to be friends of mine because we attended the same high school. So we have some kind of history and i know them to a certain extent. Anyways they were arguing about homosexuality and then it led to religion,philosophy and history. In that circle shaa. Immediately i saw the subject i told myself i wasn’t getting involved. I don’t like arguments like this. I believe some things are better left unknown. No point arguing or demanding for explanations for ‘EVERYTHING’ in the universe as it was the case.

Moving on, after all’s been said @TheSanmi said he didn’t believe the Bible because a lot of things didn’t add up. I wasn’t surprised because he had earlier dedicated a post on his blog where he explained his shedding of Christianity and embrace of Agnosticism. What the hell does that even mean?? At first i was so disappointed you know. Someone whose parents are pastors and has a Godly background. (Not that he has to compulsorily follow their steps). I didn’t expect this. Buh then again i wasn’t so surprised given the kind of person Sanmi is. Straight A-student, exceptionally intelligent,versatile and extremely curious. He is one in a million. I always say i’m priviledged to have met someone like him in my life. I just heard he got into two Ivy League Schools in the US; Duke and Princeton. Right now he’s in his final year in ALA (African Leadership Academy) in SA. So with all this exposure, his values and beliefs would have been affected. He claims he’s going through a mid-life crisis and i’m like how old are you?? This shouldn’t even come up. Not now. At the end of the day,i concluded he is still immature. IMO that is. He needs time to rediscover himself before making certain decisions. I feel he still has his whole life ahead of him and i hope he returns to Christ before it’s too late. There’s nothing as good as been so successful with God’s backup.

Just few days ago, i culled a post from the Open Heavens devotional on the fact that it is very difficult to define God. It is not possible to understand who God really is as human understanding is too limited to actually understand who God truly is. God cannot be adequately described and He cannot be completely understood. He is beyond our understanding. That’s why i believe Sanmi should throw his energy in getting to know God. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you. He will give you understanding because he’s the only one that can. We can study the Bible from now till the end of the year, without the Holy Spirit, it will just be like reading a novel. He’s the only Teacher rather than grasping what philosophers or historians say.

Anyways i really hope and pray he has a rethink.
It is well.



So this morning i did a little self-evaluation and this time it’s about my addictions. Ive decided it’s gonna be a regular thing you know. It’s all part of the self-discovery. Mind you,when i say addiction, it’s something i’ve grown to love extremely over time. Its not some kind of dependency. I can totally do without them.
In no particular order;
1. Coke.
Who doesn’t know that?? LOL 😀

2.Deitrick Haddon’s voice.
I’m so in love with this dude! He makes me wanna worship God!

3. The voices of the Glee cast.
Their voices give me goosebumps each time i listen to them. They have such amazing voices individually and collectively. I wonder where Ryan Murphy got them from. They have a way of performing better than the original singers and their original compositions are just as awesome.

4. Twitter.
Twitter has become my daily newspaper,my magazine,my radio,my TV,my chat-room and so much more. Tell me, why wouldn’t i be addicted when all these things are rolled into one site??

And finally
5. Blogging/Blogs.
I could read blogs all day! Just jumping from one to another. For me, it’s a way of improving myself and of course getting informed and entertained. Hence,the inspiration for this blog.
Sometimes i wish i had lots of inspiration to blog about. 😦
Anyways these are my addictions for the month of January. LOL.


I had a heated argument with my mom this morning over some event i refused to attend.. She feels Ive inferiority complex because i decided not to hang out with ‘certain’ people for personal reasons. (BTW, i used to suffer from inferiority complex. I also had issues with my self-esteem). Contrary to what she thinks,I’m over it. I just wanna try and avoid some things. I don’t wanna torture myself intentionally when i can as well avoid it. I don’t want to be reminded of certains things in the past because I believe I’ve moved on. My mom doesn’t seem to understand all this inasmuch as i tried to explain, argue & shout. She just insists I have issues.
I don’t really blame her. She hasn’t tried to know me so im being judged by the kind of personality i portray @ home or rather what she thinks of me. She doesn’t know that I have outgrown certain things and i have a mind of my own. She can’t impose things on me just because she can. She’s not bothered about what i think/how i feel buh what people will say!!!! *Arghhhhhhhhhhh* She insists she’s always right. She feels she knows me better than i know myself. This case has been adjorned till the next family meeting! *sigh*

Why Me? :(

For some personal reasons, i don’t attend a regular school. This is supposed to be a sacrifice for a greater goal.Lately, ive been asking myself whether or not i made a right decision.If i had known,i would have just applied to a ‘regular school’ and left when necessary. At the same time, im tryna console myself because this has been a period of in depth self-discovery. Im definately not the same person i was a year ago.Ive been able to get to know the ‘real me’. It has been a bit scary buh i try as much as possible to be totally honest with myself.
One of the things i have discovered is my relationship with my parents. I watch movies a lot so ive an idea of what i want from my parents in terms of trust & attention. God knows i would have loved to have a ‘perfect’ relationship with them. i know,its not impossible. A situation where i can tell them almost everything and not turn to a bestie or a blog(no offense). On a scale of 1-10,our relationship is 4. Not even average. How sad :(. (I promised myself this won’t repeat itself with my children). So ive the general problem;they don’t understand me. So much that alot of my beliefs and values are hardly influenced by them. We have different doctrines & beliefs. Instead of trying to understand where im coming from they try to shove theirs down my throat.i mean they ave absolutely no idea what its like to grow up in this generation. They have this impression of me that’s totally contrary to who i really am.I feel for them cos this few times i still have with them they arnt even making an attempt.They feel because they are older they are always right which is totally wrong. Don’t get me wrong,i respect them a lot buh many a times i wish i had different parents who understood me perfectly. Inasmuch as i try to make them reason with me,they just dont. *sigh.
Then again i remember that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord. In the end i feel this is supposed to be a training process for me. Im not supposed to be totally reliable on my parents thereby ignoring God. If i have had ‘perfect parents’ i might not even be bothered with my relationship with God. I feel God has picked this issue to draw me closer to Him.What a big relief! *deep sigh*.