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So I dug out my ”God’s Little Devotional for Graduates” from my archive, did a quick review and have decided to study it all over again. As you know it’s filled with inspiring quotes, supplementary Bible verses and challenging stories. So I’ve decided to share as many of my fave[aren’t they all?] quotes,verses and occasional bits and pieces as possible.

I hope it inspires you as much as it does me.

” When you were born,you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a manner that when you die the world cries and you rejoice”
– The memory of the righteous will be a blessing… Proverbs 10v7 (NIV)

”Many receive advice,only the wise profit by it”
– Pride only breeds quarrels,but wisdom is found in those who take advice Proverbs 13v10 (NIV)
Most of us are surrounded by good advice at any given time.
– The books of our libraries are full of it.
– Preachers proclaim it weekly
– People with high varied experiences and backgrounds abound with it.
– Schools give access to it;labs report it.
– Commentators and columnits gush with it.
But all the good advice in the world is worth very little….if it isn’t heeded. Be one of the wise – value and apply it.

I’ll probably use the month of September for the whole book.



Book Review.

Getting a Job Is a Job: A No-Nonsense Practical Guide to Getting Your Desired JobGetting a Job Is a Job: A No-Nonsense Practical Guide to Getting Your Desired Job by Aruosa Osemwegie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My mum actually got this book for herself. For some reasons I felt this urge to read it. Well I did and didn’t regret it. I found myself revamping my resume. Fortunately for me as a job seeker then, everything just seemed to fall in place. The book was a sort of guide with practical examples and in depth explanations. I had little or no problems composing a cover letter which got me my present job. Overall the book is superb! The author did an awesome job and I recommend it for anyone with a desired dream job.

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So last month i decided i was gonna start a monthly review; you know,a sort of recap/rundown of important/not-so-important things that happened,addictions,new discoveries e.t.c.
Here are a couple of things that shaped this Febuary;
1. I got to know about a Christian band called Casting Crowns. Before you start asking where i have been all this while, i didnt really dig rock music talk less of Christian rock until very recently. My thirst for Gospel music has just increased in the past 6 months and the Holy Spirit is just leading me perfectly to what i should listen to. I got to know about this band via a twitter follower who has also become a friend @replacement2. He recommended them to me and since then, they’ve been on replay! I downloaded a couple of their hits and i’ve been blessed ever since! My faves for now are ‘Voice of Truth’, ‘East to West’, ‘Father Spirit Jesus’ and ‘Lifesong’. They are my new addiction.

2. Next is an all female Christian group called Point of Grace also recommended by @replacement2. Their voices are just heavenly!. The first song i downloaded was ‘Breath of Heaven(Mary’s song)’. Wow! Their voices take me a another realm especially their worship songs (You how how much i love to worship! :D). Anyways they’ve also been on replay and i’m really glad i got to know about them. Better late than never.

3. Just last week i stumbled on a piece on Bella Naija. It was about a Nigerian girl who has waist-length hair. Yeah! You can imagine my astonishment! 😮 You could check her up on http://lushstrands.blogspot.com. Anyways i got motivated to start a hair-growth journey. Inasmuch as i love weaves, it can’t be compared to long natural hair especially with this Nigerian weather. So i’ve decided to invest in hair products and pay more attention to my hair. Maybe just maybe my hair could get to that length 😀

My usuals are still intact i.e Coke,Twitter,Blogging even though my coke intake has reduced drastically this month. Apart from all this nothing special. You’ll agree with me when i say this month went really fast. I’m looking forward to the month of March and all the goodies that comes with it!

Till next month!