2014: Finding Love and Friendships


At the beginning of the year, I intentionally skipped some things when making plans for the year. Probably because as important as they are, I didn’t think I was ready to put an effort and/or do something about them. They include

Find love (again)

Make new friends

Just a couple of weeks ago, both of my friends pointed out the fact that I needed to leave the comfort of my home and meet people. I used Twitter as an excuse. Left to me, I could stay on the internet all day and connect with people without stepping an inch away from my bed hence my current status of reclusity. It’s actually become a lifestyle. So it was easy for me not to make resolutions about them but you know how life is; it has a way of throwing you off balance with it’s unpredictions and knocking you into reality. So, I’ve unconsciously[keyword] decided to follow the yellow brick road wherever it leads which means I’ll probably do some things just because. Nothing premeditated of any sort just moving in the direction of the wind until I return to my shell.

Good news is I’ve met new people. I hope I can keep up, follow through and not get bored of them. I feel like my expectations of people are too high and if after a while they don’t seem to meet up, I’d just leave them hanging. Reason for a lot of ”failed” friendships in the past.

Then again,there was a quote on Pinterest that said something about ”most writers being introverts”. Up until now, I’ve never really considered myself as an introvert especially because I used to have a very active social life with tons of friends. I was a full-fledged extrovert until a couple of years ago when the tables turned.

For some reasons, I’m not particularly thrilled about giving love another chance or rather opening up to dating this year especially since it didn’t leave on a good note previously but if it comes, I’m not holding back. Love is a beautiful thing and I’m not about to deprive myself of that even though I think it comes with a truckload of quirks. Relationships are a lot of work and sometimes when I think of it, I’d rather just remain single as a pringle.

Meanwhile, I think solitude and serenity are grossly underrated! Yes! Yes! I’m an advocate. Don’t get tired of hearing it.

Love,friends and serenity

So Blessed! :)

Church was amazing today. I had a fab time in God’s presence. 😀 Danced till i had cramps. (still treating it). I was really glad i had the priviledge to attend such an amazing service. Everything was soo on point. The choristers and instrumentalists were well co-ordinated. Mrs Jumoke( head of choir) was just awesome! She did justice to the Praise and worship sessions especially the thanksgiving. God took total control. I was really happy i went. The highlight of the service was the sermon. The sermon was meant for me. I felt so connected like God was speaking to me through Pastor Ronke.
She spoke on the difference between knowing God and knowing about God. She said one can know God
1.By studying His word. Or
2. through revelations.
On the other hand, you know about God through the acquisition of knowledge e.g books, ministers of God e.t.c. And also through people’s experiences. She also highlighted some points;
1. When you know God your lifestyle will definately change.
2. Prayer doesn’t make you know God.
3. Fellowshiping will help you know God better than prayers (mind you, prayer is still very necessary! It’s importance can never be over-emphasised.)
4. Our prayers cannot force God to do anything for us. It’s only when we know Him,our prayers have a better chance of being answered. God is not a magician.
5. Knowing God requires sacrifices.
The benefits of knowing God are as follows;
1. It makes it easier for us to please Him.
2. We can do exploits for Him.
3. We will be able to recognize Him @ work and not run helter shelter when situations arises.
This sermon was an eye-opener for me especially as this is one of my new year resolutions.
Phew! What a sunday!
Praise + Worship + Sermon = Perfect.
I was extremely blessed. What a great way to start the new year 🙂

We Made It! :D

We made it! *screams* & *throws fireworks*
It’s 2013 baby!
Y’all welcome to my 1st post of 2013! Mehn it’s good to be alive. Thank God for preserving us even till this day! All glory & honour be ascribed to HIM.
2013 started for me in Church where we were thanking & praising God for the past year and ushering in the new one. After which my family & I had the first devotion of the year. Later on we had the very much awaited but disappointing new year breakfast. ( i woke up late so i didnt get to eat what i had planned to 😦 ) Buh it was all good as far as i had something to eat. Anywayz the day wasn’t as ‘special’ as it was meant to be. I was indoor almost all day. The Harmattan didnt help matters so i slept most of the time. I eventually resulted to Twitter you know to send goodwill messages and at least lighten the mood.( trust Twitter to always do justice). In all im pretty excited about the new year as ive said before and im trusting God for a lot of things.
And so this year ive resolved to do the following;
1. Get closer to God
2. Learn a skill.
3. Re-join the choir (dropped out years ago).
4. Get into a ‘regular’ school.
5. Mark some things off my bucket list.
6. And not forgetting, remain Celibate.
So help me God. Amen.
Yeah i know, it’s not much because i’m still working on getting my degree so i might not have time to do a couple of things. I need all the concentration i can get. I’m sure during the course of the year i’ll be able to add a few more things buh as of now 1/1/13, this is it!.
So Welcome and Happy New 2013.
Leggoooooooooooo 😀 😀