Goals, Resolutions And All Other Things In Between.

Hi people!

Happy New Year!!!!!

I’m so psyched about 2014 because there’s so much I’m looking forward to! Geez! It’s gonna be a start of new things. So without much ado, I’ve decided to share some of my goals for the new year with y’all.

Be Inspired

I think the most important thing for me this year is to improve my relationship with God. Get closer to Him, study and Bible more, pray and whatnot. I also wish/hope I find a study buddy this year. Someone to follow through and put me in check. And no, I don’t want any one/group online.

Healthwise, I plan to actually start a work-out routine. I really don’t have problems with healthy eating. Junk food is a no-brainer and I can proudly say I’ve overcome my coke addiction.

School’s just gonna go on smoothly. I hope I can return to Alliance Francaise this year to bag another diploma.

My photography career/business/side hustle would also kick off in full force as soon as I get my DSLR. This year, I hope to take at least 10,000 photos, attend seminars/workshops and get as many internships as possible.

I also want to try as much as possible to acquire additional vocational skills. I hope my mother would finally accept and realise that there can never be too many MUAs in the business.

By the end of the year, I would have been 12months Post BC, 21months Post Relaxer. My hair goal is BSL or at least it should be able to be packed in a bun, healthy hair notwithstanding.

Hopefully, this year I can cross out most, if not all the things on my 21 list before my birthday.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this year I want a getaway from my house. I sort of need space and since I go to school from home, this is kind of a ”luxury”. I hope I find somewhere to elope to.

Blog-wise, I hope to be as consistent as the previous year and even better. Maybe I’ll finally get around to improving the appearance and personalising it more.

For now, I’ve decided not to visit Goodreads because I’ll probably be tempted to pick a random figure and set a reading goal. That didn’t really go well last year. So, this is me holding back until I’m sure I can lay my hands on paperbacks or hardcovers. Electronic reading isn’t really my forte……yet.

These amongst other things are my goals for 2014.

However, I’ve resolved to deal with my Social Media addiction. I think this is as a result of the fact that I have so much free time on my hands atm and suddenly movies and any other source of entertainment don’t appeal to me anymore. Well, hopefully this will change this year.

Have A Fabulous Year Ahead! I know I will.



How Sensitive Are You?

Happy New Month Y’all.

Wow! By the end of this month 1/3 of the year would have gone. Whether we like it or not the year is moving and gradually coming to an end.

Almost everytime i come online i hear about one death or the other; this days it’s more of prematures,young,vibrant, @ the peak of their careers. Often times they are either killed or have been careless with their health.
We all know that the spiritual controls the physical which brings me to the question, ‘Could this deaths have been averted?’ One thing i’ve learnt in this Christian journey is God is ALWAYS ahead of us. I mean that’s why He is the Alpha & Omega, The Beginning and The End. He always has a way of warning us before-hand. It could be through dreams,visions,your pastor,family members,anybody! God can use anybody if only we can be SENSITIVE!
I remember very vividly when i was in high school, i had a dream i died. At first i panicked, then i rushed to tell my mom who asked me to visit the nearby pastor immediately. I didn’t even waste time, after school that day,i rushed to the Prayer Center,narrated my dream to the pastor and he prayed for me and told me to go and that i should keep praying. When he saw how scared i was he told me not to be afraid that nothing was gonna happen. Phew! That calmed my fears a bit. Since then i’ve been taking my dreams VERY seriously. There were other times my mom had dreams about certain people she knew. She didnt even hesitate, she just interceeded on their behalf. Later on,they came and shared testimonies about how God had saved their lives. The prayer had worked.
All i’m trying to say is,we need to be EXTRA sensitive about everything! Our dreams,our health,our environment. These are the major things that cause untimely death. Don’t take them for granted! Commit your endeavours into God’s hands, ask Him first before embarking on any project. He knows the end from the beginning! And He will bless you and crown your efforts with good success.
Don’t leave God out of your life all in the name of fame and fortune. Don’t get carried away. Don’t let the spotlight consume you!
This new month try and resolve to be conscious and be more sensitive to your environment and everything that concerns you.

It is Well.