2013 In Retrospect: Highlights.

Hi there.

2013 has been quite an eventful year for me. It’s been mostly filled with new discoveries, realisations, lessons and whatnots. The year started on a good note. I had a few plans with little or no expectation. Well, let’s just say, it didn’t quite turn out to be what I expected, it was better. It was overwhelming. A lot of things happened and I’m grateful for every single one of them and even the requests that weren’t answered, I’m grateful still because the Holy Book says, the thoughts He has of us are good and not evil to give us a hope and a future and even though it might tarry, it would surely come to pass. That’s my consolation.

2013 was particularly a year of firsts.

I got my first full-time job. I learnt how to work under a female boss(looking forward to working under a male boss too) and under official working conditions. At the end of the short but eventful 3 months, I made up I mind I was gonna be my own boss. I was never gonna work for anybody.

I also got my first online job which was somewhat a dream job. Unexpected! Working with African Naturalistas has been eye-opening. I can proudly add team work to one of my skills. My teammates are gradually becoming a family and I love that I can look out for them in the society.

My first natural hair journey has been something. A couple of days ago, I took down my twists which was almost causing a migraine. I didn’t know when I took a scissors and started chopping off the knots. Detangling was strange to me.. Still is. I almost cried.

I’m currently getting my first training as a professional photographer. There are times when it all just sounds like gibberish and I wanna toss them out of the window and just take a photo without being conscious of the rules and putting the techniques into perspective. It’s been fun though and I can’t wait to really start off. I also got to handle a DSLR for the first time.

My first experience at The Experience was life-changing.

2013 was the year I was actually single. No boy dramas, no strings, no attachments, just reclusity. I learnt to be comfortable and enjoy my own company. Serenity and solitude have become my watchword. It got lonely at some point but especially when I see a couple being all mushy-mushy but I survived. I promised myself I wasn’t gonna get into a relationship just because and I’m glad the opportunity didn’t show itself.

I took Creative Writing serious for the first time this year. I actually saw the possibility of a career/side hustle in it..

For the first time in my entire life, my mum called me an adult. Yes, it’s very serious. You see, I’m not very tall, so there’s a possibility she still sees me as that 15 year old. So when she made that comment, I was sort of taken aback but at the same time happy that she realises I’m an a young adult thereby allowing me take decisions for myself.

Order than the firsts, it’s been a year of

Growth. Drastic, meaningful growth. I’m feel totally different from how I did at the beginning of the year. My life suddenly has definition and is going in the right direction. For the first time, I dropped some friends. People that didn’t add meaning to my life. As harsh or thoughtless as it sounds, I’m actually grateful for the strength to do it.. I don’t have to worry about people filling me with the wrong vibe.

Clarity. God has just been faithful. Often times this year as always, he revealed a lot of things which helped me make headway. I love that I could consult Him concerning any area of my life and He would give me feedback!

Sanity. With all the craziness going on around, it’s by the grace of God, we’re not loosing our minds.

Budding Friendships. With the intentional drop of old friends, it seemed appropriate to replace them with new people but I wasn’t in a rush. I wanted people with kindred spirits who shared the same values and I’m glad I got them. They might not be so many but I’m grateful for them still.

Revamp! I finally got around to revamping my playlist thanks to Sola. I discovered some pretty amazing contemporary christian artistes

Abstinence. Last year I made a vow to keep myself until marriage and I’m grateful to God for grace and discipline.

Answered prayers. For the past 20years my family and I have been looking up to God for something and we got it this year.

A blogpost won’t be enough for me to count my blessings. My heart’s just full of gratitude and like Tiana said I’m looking forward to a double portion in 2014.

My lowlights will be coming up in my next post.

Always and Forever


It’s Your Birthday Baby! :D

2 decades ago
You were born into this world as a gift to your parents
Even in the midst of troubles and uneasiness
You were everything they wanted in a child
With charming smiles
And beautiful cries
They couldn’t help but give you a lavish party when you turned one
Because they joy knew no bounds
As you grew older
You grew stronger and bolder
A very bright student
Always came out in flying colours
And made your family proud
Grew in statue
As Jesus was your backbone
Still is
You were crazy about the things of God
Still are
You couldn’t wait to lift your voice to heavens
And give a dance offering
Because your life is all about Him
He saw you through school
You came out with good grades and excellent results
You were always ahead of your peers
Because you are
Highly opinionated
Full of life and vigour
Conqueror despite what life threw at you
Full of love
Jesus’ baby
But because of what you stood for
You didn’t allow anyone cross you
Highly defensive
With a mind of your own
You never let anyone impose anything on you
You always stood for what is right
Hardly ever conformed
Just wasn’t your style
Always felt the need to be different and outstanding
Because you stood for Christ
Because you have a purpose
Because you’re set to fulfill your destiny
And because nothing is gonna stop you
From entering Heaven’s gate
With God’s grace
You’re gonna accomplish all that God has created you for
You gonna be blessed with an amazing spouse and beautiful children
And with that you’re gonna make the world a better place
Because the world sure needs someone like you
And with your writings
You’ll go really far
And touch lives
Because that’s what you’re called to do
You’re gonna make beautiful pictures
And help others appreciate their environment
With God’s grace

Happy Birthday to you!

P.S: This poem is dedicated to me.

Mid-Year Review. :D

*Whooop!!! It’s June baby!!

Hiya people!

Welcome to the last month in the first half of the year. 😀 (Is that even correct?!). Moving on, erm okay i was supposed to say something. *sigh. Ok lemme go straight to the subject matter. (Yeah sorry i was distracted)

From time to time i think it’s neecessary to sit down and carry out a sort of self-appraisal. You know. Were basically in the middle of the year. It won’t be a bad idea to take note of those important/not-so-important things that have taken place. It could be anything. Absolutely anything. ( Random me ^_^). If you’re very familiar with this blog,you’ll notice i’m very meticulous. Nothing ever passes without me noticing. I always like to re-evaluate myself and take note of changes as well as differences.

*Enough of the Intro*

Over a few months now (Not necessarily from January) i noticed a couple of ”changes” (i’m short of a better word now) that have occured.

Note that this blog is absolutely about ME (Ebunoluwanimi Adekemi Oluwole ^_^) so don’t get it twisted.

*Yeah i’m really playful today. Get used to it :p*

1. I’m terrible @ keeping in touch. (Yeah who doesn’t know buh now it’s sort of an affirmation -__-).

2. I may have finally taken writing seriously. I see a future in freelance. Remember when i said,my writings were all bout my expressions and something bout my blog being my comfort zone?! Lately i’ve realised i enjoy writing (typing actually) and its kinda become part of me. Well i’d really love to take this further;beyond the borders of this blog.

Moving on…

3. I’ve decided to try my hands on poetry. I know i know what i said before. Well it’s safe to say i’ve had a change of heart even though i haven’t been inspired to try it out. Maybe when i fall in love or something cheesy like that. -__-. I need some kind of drive buh until then….

4. I’m FINALLY supporting a cause – Natural Hair Activism. (Don’t Laugh). I know. I promised a post on that.

5. This past few months i’ve realised i could actually survive been a loner. Don’t get me wrong,i love my friends to bits. I just feel i can live without them as long as there is internet. 🙂 ^_^.

6. I’ve also been able to survive without a bestie. Not very pleasant i tell ya. 😦 😦

7. I’ve suddenly become very emotional. Ugh! I’ve just always been good @ hiding them. *sigh. Very annoying something e.g actually crying because of a movie or song. Smh.

Well this is all i’ve been able to take note of. I tried sheii?! LOL.


P.S: i’ve been nominated for the 2013 Christian Bloggers Award! *whoop! *shakes tamborine*. I’ll fill y’all in later. :* :*:*

”You Laid Aside Your Majesty”


I woke up today to the lyrics of this song and i’ve decided to share. I remember hearing this song for the very first time in my primary school. My Music Teacher then; Mr Omole taught us and throughout the 3 years i spent in that school,it was like a theme song. He tried to mix it up in different ways so it isn’t totally boring. It’s actually a slow and more of worship song (My style of music ^_^).
Buh this morning,i’m more interested in the lyrics. Funny enough, we were made to cram/memorize them and it’s been in my head ever since then. I wasn’t suprised when i remembered them.

The lyrics to me is more like a declaration. It’s gone beyond the words to a song. It carries such powerful message as brief as it is and i dunno i always have chills anytime i sing/listen/remember it. It’s by Derri Daugherty. (Had no idea until a couple of minutes ago.) and apparently has many other versions by other artistes. He/She should be the original singer. (I dunno. Didn’t have time to check it. Maybe later).

Ok so here it goes;

”You laid aside your majesty
Gave up everything for me
Suffered at the hands of those you had created
You took all my guilt and shame
When you died and rose again
Now today you reign in heaven and earth exalted
I really want to worship you my Lord
You have won my heart and i am yours
Forever and ever
I will love you
You are the only one who died for me
Gave your life to set me free
So i lift my voice to you in adoration :D”

Sounds familiar?!
LOL. I know it’s more of an ”Easter” song, nevertheless i love it :D. From time to time a sober reflection is needed to remind us of what Christ did for us on the Cross of Calvary. And i think it summarizes the Gospel of Jesus as a whole.
I hope you’re blessed.


P:S: Sorry for not posting the link for the video/audio. I am/was overwhelmed. Google is your friend. 😀


Hey Guys! 😀

*heaves a sigh*
Wow! It’s that time of the month again! Yes!! It’s the end of the month of May!!! God has been so faithful from January till date. If i begin to count my blessings,i won’t finish this post. I’m just so thankful!!

Wow! This month has been……this month! Yeah i’m lost for words. I dunno what to say/write. It’s been overwhelming especially concerning this blog. I’ve had loads of inspiration to write on which i was soo excited for. I received my very first Liebster Award. *whoop!! (More to come IJN). I also had shocking revelations i must say. You know that feeling when someone you’ve known for a long while just reveals something out of the blue. It just takes you off balance then you find yourself reminiscing the times you had together. Anyways that’s all in the past. There was also an overflow of emotions. Wow! I remember writing a post and crying at the same time. (Actually there were 2. Search for yourself -__-) That was really emotional for me. There were relationship tips as well as dreams and realities. And not forgetting the very dreaded Writer’s block. Ugh! I was so happy to overcome it!!.
My Natural Hair Activism also took off on a good start. (I promise a post on that). I found myself encouraging more ladies mostly on my TL to go natural. I was at the peak of converting @IRepEfeh. I encouraged her to take her time and do loads of research. As they say Knowledge is Power. I don’t want her to have any form of regret at the end. If she eventually succumbs, she’ll be my very first product. :D. In all it is/was a good month i must say. I think i wrote more original contents than any other month. Can’t remember now.

As always i’m really looking forward to a new month especially because it’s my birth month ^_^ and that of my dad’s and also because i’m expecting something really big from God. Yeah! So i can’t wait. I’m soo excited!! *rubbing palms* :D. Not forgetting more and more blogspiration. I’m looking forward to writing more and more posts :D.

My work here is done.
See y’all next month 😀

Where are you going?



Church was awesome today as usual! It was particularly special because I could relate to the sermon. It was like God was speaking to me through Pastor Norrison.It was lovely.

He spoke on ”Where are you going?”. The Bible reference was taken from Genesis 1v26-28. I’m just gonna try and summarize my notes and then explain afterwards

  • God does not encourage us to be stagnant rather he expects an upward movement in our lives.
  • God expects us to be productive.
  • Life starts with an understanding that there is an upward movement i.e Growth
  • During that growth and development, there is a period of isolation,insignificance,confinement in which you have an understanding of where you are and where you are going. i.e Desert Experience
  • It’s a time of reflection and evaluation.
  • There’s always a pattern/process in the things of God.
  • Whatever you are going through is only for a period,God is preparing something for you.
  • Everyday you wake up is an opportunity given by God.
  • Vision, Desire, Determination, Discipline and Dedication takes us out of the desert experience.
  • Vision is a mental picture of a desired goal inspired by God himself.

to be continued…

Towards the end of last year i blogged about the fact that i was gradually becoming a loner. (Where’s Everybody?). I felt my friends had all deserted me due to new priorities. Unknowingly, i had dropped them. Last year was my own desert experience or rather still is. It was/is a period of isolation,insignificance and confinement. I realized i preferred being alone. I didn’t have friends that had the same vision as me and so unconsciously i began to withdraw. It was /is a period of reflection and evaluation. A period to get closer to God so that His plans for you becomes clear.  A period to reflect on your life and make corrections and changes where necessary.

Trust me, I know what i want now. I know that I’m supposed to live my life for Him. Everything i will do should align with His plan/will.

It feels so good and re-assuring because you know God is in control of your life. Because you know He wants the best for you, obeying Him wouldn’t be a problem. Everyday i pray God gives me the grace to continually live under His guidance and directions.


Freak out or not!


It’s Christmas in a week & am not so freaked out about it.I absolutely don’t know why.To me it has become a norm that i don’t really look forward to it.All I want is for the year to end and the new one to begin.Maybe its because of my environment (Lagosians don’t really know how to celebrate Christmas,its the same year in year out) or probably my present situation(its nut bad o :P).In the coming year im really looking forward to a whole lot of things that i want the year to end as soon as possible.Then again I think.Christmas should be a time for sober reflection.There’s a reason for the season,its not just about eating & drinking.(can’t wait :P)It should also be about thanksgiving and celebrations;appreciating God for sending His only begotten Son to die for us,for the previous years and for life in general.The only things i want for sure are the gifts :P. I mean who doesn’t like gifts.In fact Ive started the collection 😀