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About a year ago, i decided to take charge of my life and step out of my parents’ shadow. I decided to seek God and take Him by His word. I had little or no problems with the faith; amean i was born and bred in the church. The only thing was i needed to experience God for myself. I desired to have a relationship with Him. I wanted to stop being spoonfed and playing church. It was becoming a sort of ritual. So i made up my mind. The first thing i did was to read Myles Munroe’s God’s Big idea.[It had been on my shelf for over a year! Imagine!]. Instantly, i had a paradigm shift. My perception and attitude towards the things of God changed just after chapter one. That right there was my turning point. The rest they say is history.

I think being a Christian in this generation is one of the toughest things really. Our parents have no idea what we go through. As a young person, luckily for me i got a good foundation, there are certain core values that i’ve imbibed growing up. There are certain things that appeal to me and vice versa and there are certain things i can and can’t do. So it’s kinda sorta easier. I don’t have to deal with a bad reputation or worry about my past catching up with me because of certain things i may have/haven’t done. Buh then again, life is not a bed of roses. The Christian race they say is not for the feeble. It’s about surrending your life to God [who has given you that life] and letting Him use you as a vessel.

A lot of things have shaped my life this past [almost] one year. From sermons to worship songs to books and the ultimate, the Bible. I realised God has instructions and guidelines concerning EVERY single thing in this world. And the thing is, it’s for our own good. That’s how i see it. If God has instructed us against something, be sure it’s to avoid certain repercussions because He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. He knows the end even before it happens. It’s as simple as that. The same applies to our character and attitude. You won’t go far with an egocentric and malicious character. It’s really up to you. Aside that, christianity isn’t just about having a sense of propriety or making laudable efforts,[i’m not saying it’s wrong] it’s more about finding your purpose and fulfilling it. God didn’t just decide to create you for puppetry, He had a plan still does. And so each and everyone of us needs to play our part of that plan so that in the end, we’ll all reign with Him for eternity. Really. It’s that simple. We really don’t have the time to be get drunk or have casual sex. There’s so much at stake. We can’t afford to waste our lives because once it’s gone,it’s gone! There’s no redemption in death.

It hasn’t been all rosy. I had to drop some habits which were quite difficult [still struggling a bit tho],some friends who weren’t on the same path and couldn’t influence me positively [Yeah,now you know,if this applies to you] you know,stop listening to ”certain” songs,novels alike e.t.c. Buh in all atm i’m proud of myself and how far i’ve come because i know His grace is sufficent and that the same God that started with me is just as able to perfect everything that concerns me. Amen


Thought You Should Know

Hi Good People!

Yesterday i had the most fabulous time in church. We had a seminar organized by the Single’s fellowship. Trust me when i say it was all shades of AWESOME! Enlightening too! Ok enough of all that. I’m gonna be sharing excerpts from what was discussed;

Marriage; the important/not-so important issues that we overlook that cause marital disorder. Yeaah. You know, i went there expectant. I wanted to hear the same things i’ve heard over and over. I wanted to be taught charisma and attitude and all those blah blah. You know the normal stuff we hear when we attend singles & married meet-ups.
Anyways i got the shock of my life when the minister began his introduction. So let’s get down to business shall we?! Right.

Ok so before i start i’ll like to establish some facts;
1. God is the foundation of marriage. Genesis 2v18. He has an order/protocol for marriage. He determines when you’ll marry. Until God says you’re ready, you’re not ready. Aloneness not loneliness qualifies you for marriage.
2. God designed woman to provide HELP for man. His idea was for woman to HELP man achieve his destiny. If as a woman, you’re not willing to help a man,you’re not ready to marry. You’re not fulfiled until u’re HELPING that man you’re created to help. You have no business dating a man you can’t HELP fulfill his destiny. Genesis 2v18-25.
3. A man who doesn’t know his purpose in life isn’t qualified to marry. Every person should know his purpose on earth or else he/she will marry wrongly and miss it for life. Mis-marriage affects your spiritual life and so many other things about you.

Ok so we’re clear.
Next up is those things that affect us maritally.

1. Character.
Our character matters a lot. There are certain things you do that will attract certain set of people to you. If you have a terrible character, you’ll attract a particular set of people and vice versa. So you need to get it right. If you put your character right, there will be nothing called delay. Women need to learn submission. Being stubborn or domineering will cause delay or mis-marriage.

2. Inheritance.
There are certain wrong traits we inherit from our parents. E.g divorce, polygamy, domineering & controlling wives, lazy dependent husbands e.t.c. For marriage to be productive/successful, these traits will have to be gotten rid off.

3. Pre-marital Sex.
Marriage is a covenant not a contract. Sex strengthens the covenant. When two undefiled people come together, the marriage becomes unbreakable. When you engage in sex, a bond is formed. For everyone you’ve had sex with, you’re in a blood covenant with that person. If u’ve had sex with 10 people, your soul/destiny has been fragmented into 10pieces. It is also the fastest way to transmit demons. For you to succeed maritaly you must break yourself from any any kind of attachment/bond/soul tie. I Corinthians 6v15-16.

Alright, so we’re also clear on that.

Finally, there some things we need to keep at the back on our minds when preparing for marriage;
1. If you don’t train yourself to hear from God concerning other issues, you won’t hear from God when it’s time for marriage. Start commiting every decision to Him.
2. Ladies are at the receiving end. Men will look for you. Help yourself. Protect yourself from canopy men. Ask God to give you clear-cut indicators and qualities to look for in a man. When He has revealed them to you,write it down. Don’t go out with somebody you can’t marry. When you hang out with someone you don’t like, you’ll discover what you like in that person.
3. There’s no price in heaven for marrying.
4. Women are created to help men. You must be willing to submit your mission to his mission if you wanna marry.
5. God can use your parents as a spiritual authority to prevent you from making bad decisions.
6. Men don’t change. Women change all the time. You can’t change another person but you can change yourself. When you do, you’ll attract the right set of people (Again, character matters a lot). 7. Study the Word. Psalm 119v9. You can marry anybody if you operate by the Word of God.

*Phew! I hope someone is blessed, i know i was.


Important Info!

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A couple of hours ago, @Replacement2 brought to my attention a very enlightening article and i thought i should share.

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