Guess What?!

Helllllooo people!

Guess what? Guess? Guess now!!!! Alright let me spill the beans. *drum rolls*

I started Photography classes yesterday! *whoopppp!!!!! I’m so so excited!! This is something I’ve been looking forward to since the beginning of the year and now It’s here. During the class, we were given a curriculum of what to expect during the course of the program and you know the fun thing?, there’s gonna be a photowalk at the end. Too cool! I.Can’t.Wait. So I’m thinking, I’m gonna open a photo blog and share all the photos I’m gonna take to start off my career.

Another fun thing is we’re also entitled to mentoring. I absolutely love the sound of that. I was somewhat worried about starting off solo. So the idea of an older and more experienced professional to follow through sounds just purrfect!

Wow! Right now, I’m in a state of information ”overload”. Between the last two days, I’ve learnt so much that it’s overwhelming I must say. I can’t wait for this to be over and done with so I can strut my stuff in style. LOL

Alright then so I’m just gonna go window shop and put my faith in action for a new DSLR. And if you’re in any way led by the Holy Spirit to sow into my life, please feel free to get in touch.My email address is just by the right. 😉 Thank You in advance.

P.S:If you’re interested in joining the class, hit me up!

Love Always,


Random Facts About Me

Hiya people!
It’s been a while I did a random facts post so here we go. Yess! I love to talk about myself. I’m conceited like that. ^_^

I love to read. I could read for days. Just put me in a library filled with books of my favourite authors.

I love to write and create content. Lemme tell you a secret; often times I strive to write an average of 20 posts every month. Sometimes I surpasses it other times I struggle with it probably because of lack of inspiration and whatnot. But on a good day I love to think about the most random things and write about it.

I love to wear and apply makeup. *coversface* I hope that counts. I have tons of books on makeup. Although I still need to hone my skills, perfect it, become a pro and maybe train others.

I love to photograph. I can’t imagine anyone not loving the splendor of photography. In the a couple of years I’ll be a Pro. :D. Watch this space..

I love to research even though it could be quite overwhelming sometimes especially when I’m doing it consecutively.

I used to love knitting. It’s been a whillle. Mufflers and the rest.

I’m a talker. I think I’ve mellowed a bit now. I’ve learnt how to listen more, and talk less. Like a friend of mine said, I’m become somewhat reserved and I agree with him. All the convo goes on in my head.

I used to have a phobia for 3rd Mainland Bridge. Yeahh. I thought I was weird until someone on BellaNaija made the same comment. But I think I’ve overcome that especially since I’ve been on the island a lot this past month.

I also have a phobia for spirogyra and green things. I get irritated easily.

I cry over the most random things. The other day, I was going through a wedding on Bella Naija and before I knew it, I was all teary. Same thing happens with music and movies. Infact that one is the worst. Especially those ones that have happy endings. I can’t remember now, there was a scene(s) that touched me in Fast 6. Same with City Hunter. That one was a different story entirely.. You’ll think I was part of the cast. I probably cried all through. Yeah. Can you imagine? Smh. LOL. I guess I’m a very emotional person but isn’t everyone? No? Nvm. LOL

Alright. These are the few I can remember now.


BN Spectacular Wedding

BN Spectacular Wedding

Gosh!!! This wedding made me teary. This is my ideal dream fairytale wedding without being preggers of course. LOL. I love that it oozes so much love,beauty,elegance, splendor, class and professionalism. Wow! And not forgetting the photography; exquisite!.


See for yourself.

Life Lately.

Hey guys!

I’ve had one heck of a week. I think it should count as the worst week in my entire work history. [not that it’s been long anyways]. That kind of week you wish you could just walk out, walk away from everything even your paycheck. Yup! that kind. Considering it’s almost the end of the month, I’ve had to just stick around,endure and listen to good music. I’m really really trying to hold back my sauciness and not leave a bad impression.

In other news, Photography classes start soon! Whoop!!! I’m so so excited. I love the fact that I’m gonna be able to cover events,shoots and all. There’s nothing as fulfilling as being able to do something you’ve grown to love and be paid for it. Awesome! And yeah I’m gonna create another blog for my works.

School’s just there. This year’s has been a sorta gap year for me. I needed to make certain decisions that would affect my future. I’m really hoping the results are pleasant enough to make up for the hiatus.

I’m returning to Alliance Francaise to finish my French course and probably bag another diploma [my mum’s so gonna make sure of that ]. I’m pretty excited about this too. Amean there’s conversation class [ the only time I get to practice my French] and free Wi-Fi. Can life get any better?! *sigh.

Makeup classes should start soon too. Hopefully before the end of the year.

And then writing continues. I’ve been writing for incase you didn’t know. So all ye DIY-natural-junkie-wanabees, you might wanna join me there.

Lest I forget, I was featured on African Naturalistas’blog. Whoop! You can read my interview here
and won a giveaway here too Finally! LOL. Yeah it’s been a pretty good month.

As usual no dramas of any sort,i live a peaceful life. [that’s what you get with no boyfriend and a tiny circle of friends].


Aww! Cute Couple!


I came across this on Twitter this evening and i loved it especially since im a fan of the both of them. It’s Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo. Heard they have been in a relationship for a while now. They look so ‘in love’. I hope it lasts cos this is just too cute to end and yeah Congrats to them.:D.They make such a cute couple.

The Photo shoot is simple and lovely!

Seems like love is in the air. Yeah Yeah! Val’s day is around the corner. 😦

And yes I’m envious buh no worries I’m gonna take mine someday 🙂




I don’t really know so much about electronics all I know is I want a really nice camera with a long lens just like the one above.

I’m so excited! I can’t wait to start photography. I think I wanna take a course on photography so im not just a novice you know. It should add to the fun! And maybe just maybe i can go Pro! ;). You can never know. 😀 😀

Don’t blame me i haven’t been this excited about something in a lonng time.


My New Love

Years ago, when it was time to take a picture particularly with a group or the family,i’ll just squeeze or make a face of digust. I would always say: ‘I don’t like taking pictures’. Years down the line,its a different story. Every opportunity i get, i wanna be in front of the camera, i wanna capture an event or something or rather express myself. Lately it’s been alarming maybe because of the advent of social networks where you have to update your profiles every now and then. You don’t wanna be seen as stale, you wanna be up-to-date. You want friends to make nice comments about you. You just want the spotlight especially if its breathtaking. You want others to know your style or you wanna portray yourself in a particular kind of light,photography does it all. Did i mention its also fun especially if its a shoot or just random moments alone or with friends?!
My new love for photography has taken me by surprise. I totally didnt know its was gonna get to this extent. Every other day, i find myself taking pictures of myself in different poses; more recently, making funny faces. I think one of the reasons ive fallen in love with photography is because of my friend Tolu. He is an AMAZING photographer and owns a studio which i always love to visit. His style got to me.He isnt just a random photographer,he is a professional.( i have so much love for professionals). I admire photographers a lot. From TY bello to Kelechi Amadi-Obi to Moussa Moussa to Obi Somto to Losgiddy(met him on twitter), i love their works not only because of their professionalism buh because they’ve taken photography to a whole new level.Photography for me is a way of expression. The fact that the camera can capture just about anything baffles me. I can totally be myself in front of a camera and just enjoy the moment. I have decided that im gonna purchase a nice camera soon! Its something i wanna do for fun. I wanna be able to capture every moment in my life. As it is said pictures tell stories, i don’t think im gonna have any problem talking to my children or anybody about my life.