For The Love Of Oldies

I have a fetish for old magazines.

Yep! Not recent ones although I don’t mind flipping through them. Just give me 5 old mags and you’ll make my day. And by old I mean 21st century-old ones. I derive pleasure in reading each article at a time especially when I’m not crippled with school work.

Growing up, I had a scrapbook; a couple of I think. There was a time I went to my aunt’s house to raid almost all the old mags. From Hello to Us to People. I had a box filled with them. I left her house with the promise that I’d return them unshredded. Sigh. SMH. If only she knew my plans for them. After contemplating for a couple of years, yeah years, I finally got to work; cutting, pasting and whatnot.

Other times when visiting family or friends, the first thing I look out for is their magazine/newspaper rack. Yep! Take note incase I come visiting. LOL. Once I get hold of them,it’s either I borrow them or totally ignore you and drown myself in them until I’m done. Often times, my host prefers the former.

The thing is there’s always that thirst for knowledge anywhere I go. Apart for the fact that I need to read far and wide to hone my skills, I feel there’s a need to be versatile so as to keep the conversation going and oldies just do it for me. I feel I can connect to a world that was once sane. Besides it’s fun too! 😉 and because of that I know a little too much junk that I shouldn’t bother myself with. Being as meticulous as I am there are certain things that go unnoticed like Oprah’s middle name and Michael Jackson’s hometown. LOL.

Always and Forever [Inspired by One Tree Hill]



For The Love Of Writing.

Hi guys!

I’ve always loved writing for as long as I can remember.

Back in the day I had notebooks where I copied articles from magazines and inspirational books. I wrote them down to read later on. When one was finished I would staple a new one to the back cover. That was as early as 12-13 years old. Other times, when I wasn’t writing articles, I wrote lyrics of my favourite songs. [Yeah that’s what happens when you’re indoor most of the time or you move to a remotely deserted area for your high school education]. LOL

Anyways, as I grew up I kept these books. They were my personal library and day by day they increased. I was always writing. I had a nice penmanship; you wouldn’t blame me. So I had little or no problems forming notes when I got to high school because I enjoyed it. For most of the time I was captain, so I almost always succeeded in sprearheading note-making. LOL. Some of my mates took offence for that.

Before he graduated, my cousin [he was a couple of years ahead of me] always came to my class to give me his notes to write for him. I was a junior then, he was[is] my cousin, I didn’t have a choice.

Years down the line, I’m here; a budding writer with big dreams. I had no idea. A couple of weeks ago, I went through my old posts and came across my very first post. When I was done, I knew in my heart I was cut out for this. I was impressed with myself. There wasn’t so much difference; I have improved yeah but then with little or no experience of writing on a platform like this; I was proud of myself. Still am. [That doesn’t mean I’m gonna be complacent.]. Day in day out, I thrive to be a bigger and better writer. I take as many writing ”gigs” as possible just to express and improve. I read more and more. I take down new words, I write on the most random thing,I borrow themes here and there just because it feels good. I tell myself, I’m not just a random blogger, I’m a writer. There’s more to writing than blogging even though they are both interwined.

I’ve grown from keeping an anthology to owning a personal blog and I know that this is just the beginning.


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Letter to 10-Year-Old Me From 20-Year-Old Me

Dear me,

Wow! I can’t believe how much you’ve grown. I totally knew you were gonna grow past 5”2. (Duh! Were you expecting me to remain the same?! *rme)

Wait! What’s all this black stuff on your face?! (It’s called acne. comes with the territory). Hmm. Whatever! You’re still cute tho; 🙂

Your hair is absolutely gorgeous. Natural eh?! Knew that Kim Kardashian-weave-wearing-wannabe wasn’t you. (IKR!)

Aww! You’re a writer. Who would have known?! All those Harlequins and M&Bs finally paid off. Buh you detested literature! How come?(erm..Dreams change!)
*sigh. I’m happy for you though. I knew you’re so gonna step out of that comfort zone of yours. I cannot wait to hear your composed vows on your wedding day. It’s allowed right?! (Pretty much i guess)

Really glad you finally found your bearing with God. You’re so passionate about fulfiling your purpose and bringing others to Christ. Impressive! I knew all those Churchy things wasn’t totally a waste. (Really?!)

Seoul?! Hmm. What exactly is it with you and Koreans (Duhh! I’m in love). Smh

Gosh! You’re so stubborn (I’m not. I have a mind of my own :|)

Took a sneak peek into your bucket list……Globe-Trotter?!! Goodluck with that. (Get Lost Kid!)

Hold up! No boy trouble?! Nahh that’s pretty hard to believe. (Pftt! Don’t make me sound like a broken record). Buh what happened to Dayo?! Tot you guys were BFFs. (Stuff happens!)

Photography?! LMAOO. After all your shakara. thought you said you were cameras-shy?! (*rme). You’ll totally rock as a makeup artist. I know so. All those hide-and-seek makeup cannot go down the drain. LOL (Wait,what?! Smh)

Honestly,i’m proud of who you’ve turned out to be. With God by your side you’ll be unstoppable.
Just hold on to those values,set standards, don’t compromise your chastity, don’t settle for less and put God first. (Aww! How sweet)

Yours’ sincerely

Until Then….

Lying on my bed
Nostalgic memories running through my head
Hoping all we had wasn’t just a dream
No it’s wasn’t
It was as real as it got

If only i knew
I probably wouldn’t have crossed that boundary We’d still have lots to talk about now.

I try not to think too much
i never succeed
I always worry
Wondering what you’re doing
I know you’re fine
But i just can’t help it.

We’ll probably still meet someday
I promise not to get tired of stalking you
And maybe then my heart will beat again
But until then……


P.S: Very chessy and amateurish i know. i needed a drive. This was the easiest to come up with. LOL. Geez my first attempt y’all should give me some credit. LOL. Kidding!