Facade Or Not?

A few weeks ago, while I was going about my business for my next post on AN, I stumbled on BLGH’s Male Natural Hair Icons. Now the this intrigued me enough to start a series. One of the guys featured was Larry. Hot, sassy, eye-catchy with an enormously gorgeous mane. That wasn’t all. I went through his interview and one thing that stuck out for me was his reference to his faith. His was(is) obviously a believer. ( I’m careful not to use the word ”Christian”. He could be a facade for all we know but I couldn’t be bothered.)

Next up was the search for his twitter handle. Luckily, he was gracious enough to include it in his response. Then, I looked it up and followed him. After a while, when the hysteria had subsided, I tweeted at him. His avatar then revealed quite the opposite of what I was expecting. He had chopped off his ‘fro. I could not understand how and why. Then I asked him. Days(ssss) went by(he’s obviously not a regular tweeter) and he finally replied last night.

His exact words;

”basically it represented a lot of things that were in the way, obscuring my view of the
divine father & the son. i realized i let too much of my life be focused on me, and i wanted more of it to be focused on god”.

Okay. Fine. Understood. His current avatar shows that his hair has grown to a certain length. Let’s assume BSL and I’m like ”it’s growing again, gonna keep cutting it?” And he says;

”i cut it again after that, but for now i don’t know. i think i accomplished for me what i needed
to when i shaved it the 1st time. Now i have a clearer perspective of its (and all it represented) place in my life”.

After reading this and correlating it to his interview, I was impressed. In my opinion, he has a level of understanding of his faith and/or spirituality. And I’m asking myself, ” Could I cut out completely anything that would come in the way of my relationship with God?” I let that sink for a minute.

Whilst reflecting, King comes up with own views. He had seen my retweets and didn’t particularly agree with Larry’s explanation/point of view. And I’m like, alright fine then, but you can’t just conclude, could we at least give him the benefit of the doubt? King insists and is not swayed. According to him, which I agree, there’re tons of psychos on the internet that would do anything for attention and would use religion as a justification and this really isn’t any different. I had to stop the argument from escalating. We probably would go on and on.

I’m not particularly bothered about whether or not Larry is saying the whole truth. Whatever his motives are, are entirely his business. However his portrayal is quite intriguing and it reminds me of Matthew 5:29,

”If your right eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose
one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell”

Need I say more?



On Invitations,Goals and Whatnot + Last Post Of The Year.

Hi there.

It’s been a minute.

Yesterday, someone I’ve grown to respect on cybersphere invited me for lunch. Totally awkward! She isn’t one of my twitter friends,hardly replies her mentions that’s even when I tweet at her. Infact, it took her forever to follow back; not that I was even bothered. I needed her details for a feature. That was the only conversation we had. So I’m seeing this person in my DM, I’m shocked! Well, I turned down the invitation for several reasons.
1. I don’t even know her!
2. Maybe I’m old-fashioned but you can’t just invite me for lunch or whatever it is expecting me to actually show up in this perilous times. I understand she might have my best interests at heart, but I don’t even know her! Maybe I’m paranoid, I dunno.
3. I’m assuming she’s selecting a handful of people with kindred spirits which we don’t even share to sit around and engage in small talk and maybe bond afterwards. But I’m not even interested. Remember my motto? #TeamNoNewFriends? Good friendship is hard work and honestly, right now it’s not my priority. I have too much going on atm.
4. On a Sunday? Really? No thanks! It’s not like the location is nearby.
5. I’m not even about to engage in a discussion on how to move Nigeria forward like I really care. I read her blog and tweets. We have zero interests in common apart from writing and we’re on totally different levels. Why would I want to subject myself to such *inserts appropriate adjective/phrase here*


In other unrelated but exciting news, it’s the last day of the year!!!! Or second to the last. This might as well be my last post of the year. Time to wrap up 2013. I’m really looking forward to the new year even though I’ve not written my goals but I have a mental note somewhere. I’m very optimistic about 2014. There’s this peace of mind that I have that it’s gonna be well and things are gonna work out.

Meanwhile, the annual RCCG fast starts of the 2nd of January. Instead of the regular 28 days, it’s 100 days!!!!! Okay! so as daunting as this sounds, I actually want to partake. Maybe not for the whole period,but least for a while so help me God.

Oh and by the way, I won another giveaway again. Actually 2. The first was N1000 worth of airtime and the second a free Body Pack from Madeleine’s Box[even though they’ve not delivered] after almost giving up. So much for a gift-less Christmas.

My NHJ has been so-so so far. The shrinkage is real yo! But I think I’ve gotten a hang of it. Hair is something I tell you. Stepping out of my comfort zone and been exposed to challenges is exactly what I’m going through now. Everything I know about kinky hair prior to now just seems like gibberish but I’ll survive. The hand in head syndrome is another thing! I can’t seem to keep my hands off my hair. Smh

What else?

I think that should be all.

Alright people, 2013’s been real yo!

See you in 2014.


More than hair.


I almost big chopped today.

Yes it is very serious. I almost cried. The plan was to wait till March 2014 until I chopped off everything and have a mini ‘fro. It would be one full year then but I was in dire need of a trim. The breakage was frustrating! So after washing, I grabbed my pair of scissors and started cutting. Yeah it felt good and refreshing. I didn’t know when I ”over-trimed” so to speak. By the time I was done, my hair had shrunk so I picked some bobby pins and tried to fix an updo. I did but didn’t like the result. Found myself constantly fiddling with it and looking at the mirror at any given opportunity. I did this twice. Wasn’t pleased with the appearance of my hair especially since I don’t plan to visit the salon anytime soon. So, this time I took my wide-toothed comb and combed it out. The first time in a while. I realised I still had some growth. It wasn’t as bad as I’d earlier thought. I’d done a mini chop! I carried my hair like that for the rest of the day. I didn’t even care about my friends who were making fun of me.. They didn’t understand. There is/was a connection. It is more than hair. There’s a reason I’d rather go through the long haul of transitioning. It got to a point that I decided to just cut it all off. 9 months wasn’t beans afterall. As hard as I tried to distract myself, it didn’t work and as funny as it sounds, I was affected by it. I wasn’t ready still.

Well, my hair’s currently in a protective style. I finally found my way around it and I hope it stays this way till March or else….


It’s AN!!!!

Hey People!

Guess who’s the newest freshest member of African Naturalistas?! Yeeah mehn!!!! *in Usher’s voice* That’s me! I’m so so excited. Infact it hasn’t really sunk in yet. When I was still deliberating on whether or not to create a hair blog; this just came up! Wow! I’m so so honoured to be part of a team that has guided me in this natural hair journey. This was one of the few sites I visited during my early days of research and it’s been bookmarked on my phone since then. So you can imagine being in the midst of the people who I look up to! It’s priceless! Being involved with the one and only African Naturalistas! Wow!

Special Shoutout to Tomi. You have no idea what you done. God bless you plenty!

Anyways thursdays have been allocated to me. You might wanna join me there. It’s all about correcting the misconceptions of natural hair and educating other people that would wanna join the train. LOL

Alright so you can view my profile here. It’s up already,


Ok so I need to prepare my debut post. It’s up in two days.