What I’ve Been Up To!

Hi guys! Been a minute.

I promise I’m not ignoring y’all. It’s the beginning of the year and I’m trying to put things in shape. It’s January. The time to make certain decisions that would determine the rest of the year.

In my last post, I said something about taking a shot at freelance writing. Yup! So I’ve been researching and reading and I’ve seen a lot. Trust me when I say it isn’t an easy feat. I think I know the basics although it’s a bit overwhelming. It hasn’t really sunk in yet. But as a result of this, I have to put myself/ my work out there i.e. beyond the walls of this blog and by this I need to do a lot of guest posting on bigger, mainstream blogs that accept them obviously, to build my portfolio. Okay as much as I love to write and post stuff on here, I’m not YET comfortable posting stuff out. But I’m gonna have to shake it off sonner or later that’s why I took part in YNaija’s 30days,30voices plan. Yep! I sent in one of my recent posts and it was published. Next up is BellaNaija. Still thinking of what to write. Problem is I don’t particularly have a niche yet so I’m gonna have to keep thinking until I come up with one. Other than that, I’ve resolved to send in at least one post every month for the rest of the year. Wish me luck!

Aside that, I got a side job that won’t even take up to 5hours of my time weekly and you know what’s peculiar about this? Last year, I told God I didn’t want a 9-5 because it won’t allow me do other things I had planned especially since I still have school. So I told Him what I wanted and went ahead to approach a couple of people and left the rest to Him. I didn’t get feedback so I kinda swept it under the carpet. Two days ago, it sprang up out of nowhere and I realised I didn’t say thank you. It’s was totally unexpected but I’m thankful.

What have you guys been up to?



The Boss’ Gift.


Today was a pretty good day. My boss and I settled our differences and have become fast friends. It was a free day, one of my colleagues was suspended and the other on leave. So it was just the both of us. We talked a lot [She’s such a storyteller]. Finally got to know a lil’bit about her education,career and whatnot. In the midst of the convo, I tried to pick my words and not step on her toes. I noticed she got offended easily. I sort of didn’t want a repeat of the previous week. Yeah and she got me a gift. She actually whatsapped me over the weekend asking for my shoe size. Lo and behold, she handed me a nylon bag with a pair of flats from Clarks when I got to work this morning. Exactly my size. I love the colour; that was basically what attracted me to it at first but I’m sorta still skeptical about the design. I’m not sure it’s something I wanna rock for now. I dunno. My mum says it’s designed for the streets of London. LOL. And I agree. So I’m just gonna keep it in my luggage until i get to the Uk or on my way.
Anyways I hope the rest of the week is as pleasant as today considering the fact that it’s my last week. I need them to miss me and request my presence again. LOL.

A Lil’ Catch Up!

Hey guys! What’s up with y’all?!

Been a while. Yeah not so far tho buh that’s how i feel. I’m seriously dreading this point in my life where i don’t have daily posts to feed y’all; even as little as a sonnet. 😦 :(. I really do not want my job to pull me away from my dearly beloved blog. LOL. Anyways i’m here now and that’s all that matters.

This past weekend was one tough one for me. The death of Cory Monteith hit me so hard, you’ll think he was a relative or a family member. A couple of years ago, i became so attached to Glee. I dunno. I was an official GleeK. Along the line,it became my fave tv show/musical/comedy all rolled in one [even though i aven’t seen it in a while tho; *winks]. I have both original and cover songs on my phone to fill the void so i don’t miss it too much. Or why else do i watch it?! Their voices are paramount importance. The whole synchronisation and delivery gives me goosebumps. So when i heard Cory died, i was like’ ”wow!”. Found it really hard to believe until Perez Hilton decided to clog my TL with links and tributes and then it finally sank. That very tall,huge guy with an amazing voice and a contagious personality was dead. Glee would never be the same again. The chemistry between Cory and Lea was heavenly. If they finally decide to replace him, they should change the entire cast. Sometime ago, i did a little background check on him and found out he had issues. He’s been through so much and has been trying to come clean; checking into rehabs and all. Buh after everything, he still died. Wow! I know God has a reason for taking him(i.e if he didn’t actually commit suicide, not sure yet). One thing i know for sure is i’m gonna miss him. I mean i have over 50% of their songs and i can sooo recognise his voice from anywhere.*sigh. #RIPCoryMonteith. (This should count as a tribute right?!)

On to not-so-important things;

i think i’ve finally been able to settle and cope with my job. Suddenly it just seems bearable. That’s the idea right?! What then is point of staying the whole month or more?! You get used to it and then it doesn’t seem so terrible anymore. *sigh. Whatever.

A couple of weeks ago i downloaded The Message Bible on my phone. I CANNOT believe i’ve been depriving myself of such GREATNESS!!!. Like i heard about it from my timeline you know and i just consciously ignored it. I didn’t think there was more to it than the regular other Bible versions. And then i downloaded it and used it for my devotion instead of my usual KJV. Wow! That’s all i can say. One of the reasons why i kinda sorta stall my bible readings is the version. As much as i love KJV and NIV, i still find it difficult to comprehend some passages you know. So this Message version was everything! I have no excuse whatsoever for not reading at least a chapter everyday. It’s easy to read and quite self-explanatory.

My aunt needs to stop tensioning me about my FB profile pictures. Like what the hell?!

The endless arguments on Twittersphere is gonna drive me crazy someday. Amean why is there an argument for/against washing boyfriends’ clothes and underwear?! Have washing machines gone extinct?!!! Or have guys sudden become paralysed?! Ugh! *rme. Then again, that’s the fun of it. I’ll just be here loling at their ignorance and stupidity.

I should go.

Don’t worry guys, y’all are always on my mind 😀


An Employee’s Rant

Hi guys!

So I promised i a report of my first week at work. These past one week hasn’t been so exciting at all so to speak. I resumed on Tuesday with lots of expectations only for them to be dashed a few hours later. What i got wasn’t what i bargained for. Four days down i’m here and i’m so not looking forward to returning back here(yeah i’m still @ work) on Monday. Everything’s just clashing. Maybe because i haven’t been trained in this line or i’m probably not interested. Yeah it’s the latter. My boss confronted me yesterday and i almost blurted out my frustrations. Erm…actually i did. That’s the reason for her change of attitude this morning. All of a sudden, she isn’t so nice anymore not that she was to begin with. I’m just here anxiously waiting for the month to end so i can collect my paycheck and run as fast as my legs can carry me. Fortunately for me, my mum agrees with my decision. The only problem is i don’t have a replacement yet. Really hope i get one before the end of the month. I know i will because my God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory.
Then again, my mum still believes it’s some kind of training and that i’ll need the experience later in life. Honestly, i don’t care. I have so many things i really wanna do with my life and this is the last thing on my mind. Actually it’s not on my mind at all.