When Traditions Become Cliche


I think one of the reasons why Christmas or any other festive period has become somewhat cliche is because it’s become a tradition. Something that must be observed irrespective of your stance. You get so used to it that it has lost it’s essence and the only way to regain it is to do it differently.

I’ve never broken the tradition of celebrating Christmas with my family. So don’t blame me when the rants start flowing but for now I’m just going observe some chill. But honestly, I want out. I have no idea what I want presently, all I know is I want something different. All over the world, it’s the time of the year to reconnect with families which I presume have been apart all through the year. But what about those of us that have been stuck with them over the years? Christmas isn’t any different. It’s just one of those days especially in my household. Lucky enough, we don’t attend those churches that have mandatory services on Christmas day. That makes it a bit bearable.

As a young adult, there’s always a constant desire to break free from the norm. Now I mean in a positive way without necessarily throwing your values out of the window. Like celebrating Christmas without the family, not necessarily by oneself but differently. As I’m writing this, I have no idea what other pleasant-and-fun-but-not-breaking-the-bank options there are apart from;
Eating out
Going to the cinema
Unplanned visits
Family reunion
Yeah, that’s practically all. Now, it isn’t the wisest thing to visit public places on that day because of congestion and sometimes stampede. So we’re left with no option that to stay home, watch Christmas movies and eat chicken. And then the boring cycle continues.


How else do you celebrate Christmas apart from staying at home with the fam?

Always and Forever


Its Christmas!

It’s that time of the year again.Yeah i remember what i said bout being unexcited about this Christmas.Im yet to be in ‘the mood’ buh im not going to deprive myself of the happiness and goodness that comes with Christmas so im just gonna let myself out and try & ave fun with the fam!
Once again,Merry Christmas! 😀