That Place (Reply)

He yearns to
hold you in his arms
Removed from the
angst and murky waters of the earth
He longs to listen
to your songs of worship in adlibs and overtures, preludes of praise
Excitement fills
his heart and he smiles in glee
At the thought
of welcoming you home

Death has no
hold on you anymore
For He gives you
beauty for your ashes
His eyes gaze on
your earthly frame
And his hands
are tattooed with your name
Mansions line
the streets of gold
Oh how he longs
to welcome you home
A wonderful father, there’s no other
A friend that sticks closer than a blood brother
He craves your attention, he wants it all
To shower with love, precious jewelry and pearls
More than you want to,
he wants you here
Oh how he longs
to welcome you home.

By @dami_maverick.


That Place

I wanna be there so bad
without the pain and misery of this world
I wanna live and worship
Without distractions or interruptions
I wanna sing praises and shout at the top of my voice
Without the thought of ashes or 6feet.
I wanna stay in one of those many mansions
And walk on the streets of gold.
I can’t wait to wear the white robe
And walk around in grandeur
I’m looking forward to a rebirth with a new body
And a name that’s eternal
I’m gonna sit with Him and talk to Him
Like a father to his child
It’s gonna be a whole new world
With pearls and precious jewels
And beauty like no other
I wanna go to that place
With lights, purity and holiness
And live on forever.