One Year Later

Seems like yesterday
When we broke the ties
That we thought would last forever
All the laughters and giggles
Gave way to bickers and pet peeves
With constant fumes
The fondness
Gradually went into extinction
Not even a fragment
Of our bond remains
All we have left
Are just traces of memories here and there
That thought alone
Makes me weep
So i just lock them
In one of the boxes of my heart
Awaiting the day
We’d finally be allies again.




You lie somewhere at the back of my mind
With traces of memories here and there
Your face
I don’t think i’ll forget in a long while
Light-skinned with the most beautiful pair of brown eyes
I always loved staring at them especially during those heated arguments
You were mine and i was yours
A bond so strong
It was impenetrable
We shared laughs and cries
We had each other
From dusk to dawn
We were young
We were in love
Even distance couldn’t hold us down
Over the years we waxed stronger
We became part of each other
We shared goals and dreams
We looked out for each other
We wanted the best for each other
I wanted the best for you
I wanted to be proud of you
I wanted to look in your eyes and just smile
Because i believed in you
I had your back
But no,
You had to ruin everything
You turned your back on me
You crushed me
And left my heart in pieces
You trampled on my feelings
And turned them to ashes
And now
You deserve everything that’s coming to you
Because all we had
Is dead and gone!