Christmas wishlist maybe? No?

Hi there.

It’s 4 days to Christmas and wishlists seems to be flying left, right and centre. Ibukun of Shesoutofcontrol blog posted hers and it got me thinking.

”What exactly do I want for Christmas?”

Because of the loss of enthusiasm the period brings for me, I’m almost never bothered about gifts. Infact, I don’t think I’ve received any in the last 5 years or so. Wrong friends? Stingy relatives or what? I haven’t even made an effort on my part either. Smh. Be that as it may, I’m still gonna try my luck incase anyone still has me in their heart or is willing to let God use. I’m really skeptical about this because I might probably not get them for Christmas. Whatever the case is, they would move to my 2014 wishlist.

You see I’m a new photographer and I need new gears. Left to me, I wouldn’t mind any gear for Christmas even if it’s as little as a 32GB SD card. Yep! But I’m gonna be specific. Right now, I need
– Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18-55mm IS II Lens kit
– Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens

Other than that
– An android phone with a 4.3 Jelly Bean.
– Skater skirts in all colours.

If everything else fails, these will do just fine
– Hair products. Lots of them. They’re never too much.
-Silk scarves, beanies and spiral rings.

It’s tangible right? No? Whatever.

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?



A Very Special Gift :)


This morning i got a special gift from someone who i’ve come to respect and admire over the last 6 months. I think it’s a priviledge to know someone like him. He’s a breath of fresh air in this almost hopeless generation. So this really took me by surprise. I dunno. Wasn’t expecting it. This means so much to me really. As a fellow poet, i know what it means to put words together to make sense and delivered beautifully.

Ok enough here it goes,

A small poem for a petit pretty poet
From the cooking pot of my heart straight to yours
On thoughts of peaces and truckloads of love
Yes peaces because they are many
Peace in your heart and in your home
Peace right now and when you grow old
Peace as you find love and love finds you
Peace like a river that overwhelms you
I stir up the pots and up pops the love
Love because you’re divinely crafted
Fearfully and wonderfully framed
A snapshot of heaven on earth
You carry the whole of God inside your heart
Happy Birthday Dear.

My first impression was Wow! And now again it’s WOW! Really i’m speechless.

Thank You again 😀
You made my day with this.


An Early Birthday Gift ^_^

Hiya Good People!

Yesterday, in the midst of running errands for my mum, i got an impromptu invite to the movies. The phone call took me by surprise. Asinn my friend and i were still planning,we hadn’t set a date yet. All i knew was before the end of this week, were gonna meet up. *sigh. I was so pissed and at the same time excited. I wasn’t properly dressed. The plan was to get home before 4pm. I wasn’t thinking of stopping over anywhere especially since i wasn’t feeling well. (Still kinda down tho).
Long story short i grudingly carried myself to Shoprite Ikeja. Had to wait for like an hour for them to finish Hangover 3. Ola begged me to chill. At first i was irritated and then pissed. I wasn’t interested in waiting until he told me we were gonna watch Fast 6 in an hour.

I was like SAY WHATTTT?!!! My countenance changed ASAP! I couldn’t believe it. No i could. I didn’t have the choice buh to lounge about. Actually i sat in the lobby watching trailers. Who would miss an all expense paid trip to watch the most AWESOME movie of the year and not forgetting the free food. ^_^.

Fast foward to 4pm when the movie started. I had high expectations and i knew the Fast 6 crew wouldn’t dissapoint. I mean i’ve seen the trailer and the movie. *sigh (Let the rant begin!!!!)
First of all the movie is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The most awesome i’ve seen in recent times.
I dunno the cast was so synchronized!!. They make flying cars look easy.
The stunts were AMAZEBALLS!!!
The humour!!! I mean Tyrese and Ludacris make a fabulous team. I could stop laughing and screaming. (Note: Never go to the movies alone! Make sure you have an accommpany even if it’s just one person. Buh the more the better :D)
I don’t dig cars or automobiles of any sort (I’m a female duhh why would i?! *rme) buh the races were just…. *fans self*i need to calm down*
The part were Dominic saved his girlfriend was Dayummmmmmmmmm!!!!
The high point was the scene where they crash-landed the plane. I was like WTH?!! Who does that?!!!
You needed to see Ola and I yesterday. We literally brought the roof down with our screams. All our modesty was thrown out of the door.
And then the end with Jason Stratham,i couldn’t contain myself.
Ok. No more spoilers. Y’all need to go and watch that movie whatever it takes. I promise you won’t regret it! Take it from me!

The bottom line is I HAD FUN! For the first time in ages i laughed out so hard that my ribs ached. I was totally myself around them, there was no need to be all defensive or trying to prove a point. I was totally comfortable even when they teased me about my height. (Which they always do). I almost did want to go home despite the fact we left quite late. They might not realise this,buh they have given me a gift that i might not forget in a while.

Special Shoutout to Ola and Deola. I love you guys to bits. ^_^ :D. And yeah you make a cute couple.


Much ado about Valentine!

I don’t get what the frenzy is about Valentine! Personally i think it’s overrated and blown out of proportion. I don’t think you have to wait till a particular day to show love and shower gifts on loved ones. There’s so much attached to that day that girls go as far as losing their virginity and other ridiculous things. Twitter has been an eye-opener for me especially during this period. You’ll find out there’s a lot of immorality on that day. People go as far as spending so much that they forget themselves. They want to please and show off! And you tell me it’s supposed to be celebrated! Oh Please!
Just yesterday i read an article about ‘the Truth about Valentine’. Because of it’s length i couldn’t finish buh from the little i read, valentine does NOT have a Godly background. I’m not going to bore you with all that. All i’m trying to say is February 14th is not as important as February 15th.
Don’t get carrried away because the world makes it seem right. You should ask yourself, does God bless you once a year? Does He show love to you on a particular day?
Mind you, i’m not against Valentine. All i’m saying is it should be done in moderation. Share gifts,show love and don’t do things you’ll end up regretting. Trust me your life is much more important than this day!

Happy Valentines Day!

Freak out or not!


It’s Christmas in a week & am not so freaked out about it.I absolutely don’t know why.To me it has become a norm that i don’t really look forward to it.All I want is for the year to end and the new one to begin.Maybe its because of my environment (Lagosians don’t really know how to celebrate Christmas,its the same year in year out) or probably my present situation(its nut bad o :P).In the coming year im really looking forward to a whole lot of things that i want the year to end as soon as possible.Then again I think.Christmas should be a time for sober reflection.There’s a reason for the season,its not just about eating & drinking.(can’t wait :P)It should also be about thanksgiving and celebrations;appreciating God for sending His only begotten Son to die for us,for the previous years and for life in general.The only things i want for sure are the gifts :P. I mean who doesn’t like gifts.In fact Ive started the collection 😀