Today I’m particularly thankful for the life of my friend Ola. I got a call yesterday that he went for a surgery and came out successfully. Infact he was speaking from his hospital bed. I couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if he didn’t but because he did I shoved the thought away. For a long time, I talked and talked and couldn’t stop talking. He even began to complain. LOL. At first, I was upset he didn’t tell me earlier, amean he did about a year ago but I expected him to remind me so that I could intercede on his behalf. But whatever his reasons are, I respect them. I’m just so thankful reallly. You have no idea. My heart is full of gratitude to God. I haven’t seen him in a while but we’re always in touch which can be a chore sometimes. But Ola is always there. He’s had my back for as long as I can remember and I’m grateful I didn’t lose him.

I love you Ola. God bless and keep you. :*



To Dunni @ 18


So it’s Dunni birthday today. I have a couple of things to say so I’m just gonna get it over and done with.

I’ve known Dunni for quite a while now, 9 years precisely and we just got talking last year. Crazy I know, especially since she’s like my only age mate in my neighborhood minus the guys. She’s actually my neighbor. We live opposite each other. When I moved,[she’s grew up there], we didn’t get acquainted with each other as early as I hoped as she was always indoors. Anyways, I made friends with other males and totally forgot about her. I remember yabbing and making fun of her quite a number of times . I always believed any rumor I heard about her and threw jobs at her easily. In all I was quick to judge without even attempting to know her.

Fast forward to 8 years down the line, a mutual friend of ours lodged in my house for a couple of months and somehow somehow, we became friends even after she left. The rest they say is history.

ATM, Dunni is more than a friend. She’s more of a confidant. She’s someone I’ve grown to confide in without worrying about her spilling out. She’s sort of taken the spot of my sister who’s currently MIA. She’s worth more than I can explain. I could pop into her house at any time of the day and vice versa. Even though we might not be on the same level spiritually, I’ve grown to appreciate her. I remember the day I tried to make her up for a wedding, her expression was priceless! I like the fact that she’s gradually rubbing off me. It took a while to convert her to join the Natural sistahs but it eventually paid off. LOL.

Dunni is an awesome human being and I pray that as she clocks 18 today, all her heart desires will be granted. Despite the fact that I’m sorta contemptuous towards her (I promise I’m changed :), I remember we’re not the same age and just simmer down. I expect so much from her but notwithstanding she never seizes to amaze me.


Happy Bithday Efundunni Adetutu Sowemimo
I wish you all that you wish yourself and more! :*:*
God bless you.

Thanks for being a friend:*:*

Always and Forever

One Year Later

Seems like yesterday
When we broke the ties
That we thought would last forever
All the laughters and giggles
Gave way to bickers and pet peeves
With constant fumes
The fondness
Gradually went into extinction
Not even a fragment
Of our bond remains
All we have left
Are just traces of memories here and there
That thought alone
Makes me weep
So i just lock them
In one of the boxes of my heart
Awaiting the day
We’d finally be allies again.


What About Them?!

Hi guys.

I think the biggest challenge i’ve had to face since my re-dedication to Christ is dealing with my old friends. I’ve always been a liberal person. I believe everyone should be given an equal opportunity. I’m also very particular about the sort of friends i keep. One of my biggest fear is to be wrongly influenced by friends or fall a victim of peer pressure;and so to avoid any sort of drama or regret later on, i try to scrutinise the people i bond with.
For like a year plus now, i’ve become very distant; unconsciously dropping friends that don’t share my beliefs and values and in return made AWESOME like-minded Twitter friends who’ve helped me grow (i’m sure they don’t know this). Not to replace them, buh to try and fill the gap so i’m not totally alone. Now the real issue is those old friends that are still lurking around. I still don’t know how to deal with them. Last night, one of those people whatsapped me. Well he had been trying to get in touch for a while now and i’ve succeeded in ignoring him until last night which was by mistake. I didn’t even spend up to 10mins before i ended the chat. There was really nothing to talk about and i was bored already. There are a few of them like that. I try as much as possible to avoid them and always give an excuse when i bump into them.
But then again, as a Christian, our lifestyle’s supposed to bring people closer to God and not push them away. That doesn’t mean the grace of God should be taken with levity. I dunno. For me, this is still a battle. Dropping old friends or influencing them positively with my new lifestyle? For now, i’m stuck with the former until i’m emotionally capable to do the latter.


All About Us

I’ve stalled
I’ve ignored
I’ve deferred
I’ve disappointed
But it’s time to stop and let go
I’m gonna pick a day
Out of the blue
Then i’m gonna show up
I’m gonna be all pretty
i’m gonna throw you off balance
A planned surprise might come in handy or
I might just find my way to your doorstep.
Whichever way it is
I’m just gonna come
I’m gonna clear your doubts
I’m gonna push your worries aside
Because it’s gonna be about us.
We’re gonna talk all night
because we have so much to catch up on
we’re gonna bury the past and forget the future
We’re just gonna live for the moment
Because it’s all about us.
Then you’re gonna play the guitar and sing to me
i’ll just keep smiling
And swing along.
Then you’re gonna take my hand
And we’ll take each step one at a time
then we’ll move until the music fades
Because it’s all about us.