Facade Or Not?

A few weeks ago, while I was going about my business for my next post on AN, I stumbled on BLGH’s Male Natural Hair Icons. Now the this intrigued me enough to start a series. One of the guys featured was Larry. Hot, sassy, eye-catchy with an enormously gorgeous mane. That wasn’t all. I went through his interview and one thing that stuck out for me was his reference to his faith. His was(is) obviously a believer. ( I’m careful not to use the word ”Christian”. He could be a facade for all we know but I couldn’t be bothered.)

Next up was the search for his twitter handle. Luckily, he was gracious enough to include it in his response. Then, I looked it up and followed him. After a while, when the hysteria had subsided, I tweeted at him. His avatar then revealed quite the opposite of what I was expecting. He had chopped off his ‘fro. I could not understand how and why. Then I asked him. Days(ssss) went by(he’s obviously not a regular tweeter) and he finally replied last night.

His exact words;

”basically it represented a lot of things that were in the way, obscuring my view of the
divine father & the son. i realized i let too much of my life be focused on me, and i wanted more of it to be focused on god”.

Okay. Fine. Understood. His current avatar shows that his hair has grown to a certain length. Let’s assume BSL and I’m like ”it’s growing again, gonna keep cutting it?” And he says;

”i cut it again after that, but for now i don’t know. i think i accomplished for me what i needed
to when i shaved it the 1st time. Now i have a clearer perspective of its (and all it represented) place in my life”.

After reading this and correlating it to his interview, I was impressed. In my opinion, he has a level of understanding of his faith and/or spirituality. And I’m asking myself, ” Could I cut out completely anything that would come in the way of my relationship with God?” I let that sink for a minute.

Whilst reflecting, King comes up with own views. He had seen my retweets and didn’t particularly agree with Larry’s explanation/point of view. And I’m like, alright fine then, but you can’t just conclude, could we at least give him the benefit of the doubt? King insists and is not swayed. According to him, which I agree, there’re tons of psychos on the internet that would do anything for attention and would use religion as a justification and this really isn’t any different. I had to stop the argument from escalating. We probably would go on and on.

I’m not particularly bothered about whether or not Larry is saying the whole truth. Whatever his motives are, are entirely his business. However his portrayal is quite intriguing and it reminds me of Matthew 5:29,

”If your right eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose
one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell”

Need I say more?




Hey guys!

About a year ago, i decided to take charge of my life and step out of my parents’ shadow. I decided to seek God and take Him by His word. I had little or no problems with the faith; amean i was born and bred in the church. The only thing was i needed to experience God for myself. I desired to have a relationship with Him. I wanted to stop being spoonfed and playing church. It was becoming a sort of ritual. So i made up my mind. The first thing i did was to read Myles Munroe’s God’s Big idea.[It had been on my shelf for over a year! Imagine!]. Instantly, i had a paradigm shift. My perception and attitude towards the things of God changed just after chapter one. That right there was my turning point. The rest they say is history.

I think being a Christian in this generation is one of the toughest things really. Our parents have no idea what we go through. As a young person, luckily for me i got a good foundation, there are certain core values that i’ve imbibed growing up. There are certain things that appeal to me and vice versa and there are certain things i can and can’t do. So it’s kinda sorta easier. I don’t have to deal with a bad reputation or worry about my past catching up with me because of certain things i may have/haven’t done. Buh then again, life is not a bed of roses. The Christian race they say is not for the feeble. It’s about surrending your life to God [who has given you that life] and letting Him use you as a vessel.

A lot of things have shaped my life this past [almost] one year. From sermons to worship songs to books and the ultimate, the Bible. I realised God has instructions and guidelines concerning EVERY single thing in this world. And the thing is, it’s for our own good. That’s how i see it. If God has instructed us against something, be sure it’s to avoid certain repercussions because He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. He knows the end even before it happens. It’s as simple as that. The same applies to our character and attitude. You won’t go far with an egocentric and malicious character. It’s really up to you. Aside that, christianity isn’t just about having a sense of propriety or making laudable efforts,[i’m not saying it’s wrong] it’s more about finding your purpose and fulfilling it. God didn’t just decide to create you for puppetry, He had a plan still does. And so each and everyone of us needs to play our part of that plan so that in the end, we’ll all reign with Him for eternity. Really. It’s that simple. We really don’t have the time to be get drunk or have casual sex. There’s so much at stake. We can’t afford to waste our lives because once it’s gone,it’s gone! There’s no redemption in death.

It hasn’t been all rosy. I had to drop some habits which were quite difficult [still struggling a bit tho],some friends who weren’t on the same path and couldn’t influence me positively [Yeah,now you know,if this applies to you] you know,stop listening to ”certain” songs,novels alike e.t.c. Buh in all atm i’m proud of myself and how far i’ve come because i know His grace is sufficent and that the same God that started with me is just as able to perfect everything that concerns me. Amen


Hiya Good People.

In my quest to overcome the very much dreaded ”Writer’s Block”, i’ve finally braced myself enough to write a post. Contrary to the mega-comeback i had previously planned (There wasn’t enough inspiration/drive),this is all i’ve been able to come up with. *sigh. I felt like writing something. It’s been a while and i’ve missed you guys 😦 ^_^. (You can now say your awwwws) i know y’all did. -___-.

Erm my birthday is in a couple of weeks. (June 11 to be precise) and i’m not so excited. Hmm. Ok let me rephrase that. Not that i’m not looking forward to it, it’s more like i’m looking forward to something extraordinary that God is going to do before/after that day.(I’m really praying ‘before’ so it will be a complete package). So my birthday is just by the way. I’m more interested in this ‘Big thing’ that gonna happen. (Please don’t ask me for security reasons. I know you love me ^_^).

You know that feeling when you’ve been praying and waiting on God for something really big; something out of the ordinary and you’re just this close to getting it?! That’s how i feel right now. Such euphoria!!! It’s indescribable! My joy cannot be contained. Not because i’ve gotten it buh because i have the assurance (Yeah that’s the word) that i’m gonna get it and nothing is gonna hold me down. And when i eventually do,then my joy will be full and all glory and honour will be ascribed to God.

I hope you understand now why i said i’m not so freaked bout my birthday this year. I promise i’ll share my testimony with y’all when it finally happens. Aiit. So from now till June 10,y’all should just continue to pray for me. Okk. And if you don’t know what to say,lemme tell you. Say after me;
” Dear Lord, thank You for preserving the life of your daughter till this day. Concerning her forthcoming birthday, Lord give her birthday gift she will never ever forget for the rest of her life. So shall it be. Amen”

Fini. 😀 LOL.

Who do you trust?!

It’s been a while.

I was supposed to blog about this yesterday buh after the kind of day i had i was kinda hesitant.

There’s a point in one’s life where you wanna do something, for instance embark on a trip and everyone around you is against it including the ‘elders’ buh your mind is set on it. You have absolute trust and belief that God will take control irrespective of what people say.
That’s exactly what’s going on with me.
I have been trusting God for something for a while now. Right now i’m @ the point of a breakthrough. I’m about to get results for what i’ve been praying for and people have come in from nowhere trying to discourage me. I won’t say i’m in a confused state because after yesterday i decided to surrender all to God and block my ears from this ‘dream-killers’.

After listening carefully to their arguments, of- course they were right in their own way, i realised there was something vital missing. It’s called FAITH.
According to Hebrews 11v 1, the Bible states ‘Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen’. That is clearly self-explanatory.
They missed out trusting God and allowing Him to take control thereby manifesting Himself. They are only bothered about the negative consequences, the funds involved and many more. They have forgotten that there’s a God whose name is JEHOVAH JIREH (The Lord our Provider)
JEHOVAH EL-SHADDAI ( Our All Sufficient God)
JEHOVAH ELOHIM AZAR ( God our Helper).

They have totally forgotten about GOD. I thank God for not allowing me get carried away. I lost my morale for a while and almost made a wrong decision. I almost forgot the great and mighty things God can do.

I thank God for my mom. As always God has used her again as a pillar of strength and support for me. She advised me to stay away from people who will kill my morale and allow my faith and trust in God to waiver. And i’m passing that advise to y’all. Stay away from dream-killers, from un-believers that will give you wrong advise. Learn to be discreet when making important decisions. The less people know the better and whatsoever you want to embark on make sure you commit it into God’s hands and let Him direct you because He knows the beginning from the end.