That Kind Of Woman

To he that I’ll love

I can’t wait to feel that love

I don’t mind whenever it is

As long as I’m with you

We could avoid the sea

Just for you

And follow the yellow bricks

Wherever it leads

Fiji,Bora Bora

Wherever it is

We could fly across oceans

Yes we will afford it

Save up,pack our bags

Pitch our tents on an island

As long as I’m with you

I can’t wait to meet you

To prove my love for you

With all that i am

I’ll be that kind of woman

I know!

This is a sort of reply to this poem.



Guess What?!

Helllllooo people!

Guess what? Guess? Guess now!!!! Alright let me spill the beans. *drum rolls*

I started Photography classes yesterday! *whoopppp!!!!! I’m so so excited!! This is something I’ve been looking forward to since the beginning of the year and now It’s here. During the class, we were given a curriculum of what to expect during the course of the program and you know the fun thing?, there’s gonna be a photowalk at the end. Too cool! I.Can’t.Wait. So I’m thinking, I’m gonna open a photo blog and share all the photos I’m gonna take to start off my career.

Another fun thing is we’re also entitled to mentoring. I absolutely love the sound of that. I was somewhat worried about starting off solo. So the idea of an older and more experienced professional to follow through sounds just purrfect!

Wow! Right now, I’m in a state of information ”overload”. Between the last two days, I’ve learnt so much that it’s overwhelming I must say. I can’t wait for this to be over and done with so I can strut my stuff in style. LOL

Alright then so I’m just gonna go window shop and put my faith in action for a new DSLR. And if you’re in any way led by the Holy Spirit to sow into my life, please feel free to get in touch.My email address is just by the right. 😉 Thank You in advance.

P.S:If you’re interested in joining the class, hit me up!

Love Always,

A Conceived Reality

The aura of heartbreak
Was just beginning to wear off
When his eyes met mine
And lulled my senses.

My staggering emotions took the center stage
But he embodied such gentleness
And groped his way through

My quirks took the better part of me
But he turned a blind eye
And wrapped me in his huge arms

As we slow danced
Moving to the rhythm of the music
And living for the moment
His sotto voce lingered in my ears leaving a lasting impression

He listened to my shaky uttrances and reveled in them
As a connossieur of my deeds, his fondness clouded his judgement

My fastidious nature gave way to vulnerability when his fingers touched mine

Not in my wildest imaginations would I have ever envisaged such ardour.

If this is a dream I refuse to wake up because my reality is no way synonymous to this.



It’s me again
Yeah i know
I miss you too
I’m sorry about the way we left things
You have no idea how much i had to endure
Cos it killed me to see you suffer so much
But i’m here now
And that’s all that matters

Remember what we said last summer
Yeah i do
How could i ever forget?
Those dreams keep lingering in my head
Waiting patiently to be kicked into reality

Remember what we said about buying that house by the beach
Yeah i can’t wait
With Taylor and Nathan playing around the house with seashells and building sandcastles

Remember how we built tents and made campfires
Singing, dancing and playing the guitar along

Remember how we stayed up late to watch the shooting star
The sight was one to behold

Remember how we finally came around to make BBQ
And how it was almost ruined with a slight accident

Remember how we played hide-and-seek and buried ourselves in the sand
We didn’t care so much because it was all about us.
Oh! How could i ever forget?

Remember how we sat on the porch to watch the sunset
Letting out our hearts and planning for the future

Remember when we went Jet skiing just for fun
The waves made me so jumpy
But i didn’t mind
As long as you were with me

I couldn’t help but run back into your arms
Because i couldn’t afford to miss this life with you
Only if you’d take me back….


Hey Guys!

So i had the weirdest dream last night/this morning. Ok maybe not the weirdest, i’ve had worse/better. You know that sort of dream were you’re in your future with a family and kids and you have everything working for you. You know very graphic sort of thing and then you wake up and you have this puzzled look. You can’t wait to get back to it. That sort of thing. *sigh. Ok now that’s not so weird i’m sure it’s a common thing. You know at first i had mixed emotions you know and then i realised it’s a good thing. There’s this sort of assurance that you have a firm and sure future by God’s Grace you know.

Ok. Moving on…..enough of all this mushy-mushy stuff. LOL

Ok so i’ve officially taken my writing career to another level. *whoop! I now write for a lifestyle blog Where i discuss all things natural and how to have and maintain a proper natural skin and hair care regimen. Ok so this should be fun! I’m pretty excited. All the crazy ideas in my head have finally found an outlet. That doesn’t mean this blog will be ignored. This is my first priority!!

And not forgetting ”IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!” it’s been all about God. Really for the past 2 decades. Lemme leave all the whole eulogies for tomorrow.