For The Love Of Writing.

Hi guys!

I’ve always loved writing for as long as I can remember.

Back in the day I had notebooks where I copied articles from magazines and inspirational books. I wrote them down to read later on. When one was finished I would staple a new one to the back cover. That was as early as 12-13 years old. Other times, when I wasn’t writing articles, I wrote lyrics of my favourite songs. [Yeah that’s what happens when you’re indoor most of the time or you move to a remotely deserted area for your high school education]. LOL

Anyways, as I grew up I kept these books. They were my personal library and day by day they increased. I was always writing. I had a nice penmanship; you wouldn’t blame me. So I had little or no problems forming notes when I got to high school because I enjoyed it. For most of the time I was captain, so I almost always succeeded in sprearheading note-making. LOL. Some of my mates took offence for that.

Before he graduated, my cousin [he was a couple of years ahead of me] always came to my class to give me his notes to write for him. I was a junior then, he was[is] my cousin, I didn’t have a choice.

Years down the line, I’m here; a budding writer with big dreams. I had no idea. A couple of weeks ago, I went through my old posts and came across my very first post. When I was done, I knew in my heart I was cut out for this. I was impressed with myself. There wasn’t so much difference; I have improved yeah but then with little or no experience of writing on a platform like this; I was proud of myself. Still am. [That doesn’t mean I’m gonna be complacent.]. Day in day out, I thrive to be a bigger and better writer. I take as many writing ”gigs” as possible just to express and improve. I read more and more. I take down new words, I write on the most random thing,I borrow themes here and there just because it feels good. I tell myself, I’m not just a random blogger, I’m a writer. There’s more to writing than blogging even though they are both interwined.

I’ve grown from keeping an anthology to owning a personal blog and I know that this is just the beginning.


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Quite Friendly!

Hey guys!

Growing up, most of my friends were my juniors. In their midst i was always the oldest or close to with probably a year or two difference. And because of that, i always felt too ”matured” so to speak. I didn’t behave and act the way they did. Our train of thoughts were always apart. Our attitudes were quite different. I don’t even know how we managed to remain friends when we didn’t have so much in common.[They are called childhood friends for a reason and most times they are family/church friends]. When we got to a certain age, we went our seperate ways.

As i grew up and went through school, the same trend continued i found myself again among younger people. Buh this time, instead of being so uptight and condescending, i loosened up! I let myself live. I didn’t care. I let them tease and pull my legs. i let them love and condemn me. I let them share hugs and kisses. I bascially turned tables and became the ”baby” among them. I’m so glad i did because i made AMAZING friends back in school. But it wasn’t all rosy. There were often clashes. I had (still have) issues with those with ”low IQ”.Those that are sluggish and non-challant put me off completely! Infact that was the main reason for some ”failed” friendships! Those that give so much attention to worthless things irritate me. I’m very particular about the sort of people that are around me because i feel they should be able to uphold and stand in the gap for me and vice versa. I have high expectations because i believe my friends are part of me. They need to be able to inspire me[and vice versa]. We need to have common interests and go crazy whenever we feel like. We need to be able to appreciate each other and share similar values. I need to be able to call you @ 3am and talk. LOL. That’s why i don’t have too many friends. Too much responsibility.

Friendships are platforms for involvements in other people’s lives to make tangible differences. [positively or negatively]. And because they play a major role in our lives; as their influence cannot be avoided, i think we need to pay attention to the kind of people we hang out with.

P.S: Don’t mind me. Once we bond, we shouldn’t have issues.



Hey guys! How Y’all doing?!

To commermorate this year’s children’s day i’ve decided to take a trip down memory lane. I’d like to share a couple of my childhood moments with y’all. You know once in a while it’s always good to take a look back and reminisce.

Your homegirl was born on the 11th of June(also my dad’s birthday) somewhere in Lagos.
1st child of my mother after which a couple of years later my brother was born and after almost a decade my other brother was born.
Normal regular childhood.
Went to daycare and then nursery followed by primary. Actually attended 4 primary schools. (Trivia: attended a school for just A DAY! My mom didn’t like the school. Asinn her spirit didn’t flow with the school. After settling the bills i still had to be withdrawn. SMH)
Eventually graduated from the last school.
Had the 1st and 10th major birthday parties. (Haven’t had any other since apart from a house party on my 17th birthday).
School Prefect
Above-average student (Did pretty well in school)
Was kinda backward in my education. Did Nursery 3 and Primary 6. (My mom’s an educationst. She made sure i didn’t skip any class )
Obedient & respectful. Hardly had any problems in school.
Avid reader and talkative.
Used to suffer from inferiority complex.
Was often stigmatised because of the texture of my skin. (Tough & Dry).
Two major accidents; one almost took my leg and the other almost left me blind. Thank God the devil didn’t succeed.
Very active in church. Choir & Dance group. (I wonder how. Probably because twas more of choreography).
Healthy,Happy child.
Had just one best friend till date and lots of friends. Mostly family and church friends.
Wasn’t fond of any of my parents. Prefer my aunt.
Grew up quite fast.
Started dating quite early. (LOOL. Don’t worry. Puppy love ^_^)

Erm….what else?! *thinking*
Hardly a sport-person
Was taller when i was younger. (I dunno. I stopped growing)
Hated taking pictures especially with my family.
Never a failure (By God’s grace)
Always wished i wasn’t the 1st/2nd born.
Cut short my very 1st vacation with my cousins (they still attack me till now). I was actually crying. Missed my mom. Smh.
Had the chessiest nicknames (Ebun kon kon lo. [No wonder i ended up short] SMH)

Guess i’ve tried right?! Wish i could remember more. 😦 i’m trying really hard.

LOL. Maybe i’ll remember more next year 😀

*humming Micheal Jackson’s Childhood*