To Dunni @ 18


So it’s Dunni birthday today. I have a couple of things to say so I’m just gonna get it over and done with.

I’ve known Dunni for quite a while now, 9 years precisely and we just got talking last year. Crazy I know, especially since she’s like my only age mate in my neighborhood minus the guys. She’s actually my neighbor. We live opposite each other. When I moved,[she’s grew up there], we didn’t get acquainted with each other as early as I hoped as she was always indoors. Anyways, I made friends with other males and totally forgot about her. I remember yabbing and making fun of her quite a number of times . I always believed any rumor I heard about her and threw jobs at her easily. In all I was quick to judge without even attempting to know her.

Fast forward to 8 years down the line, a mutual friend of ours lodged in my house for a couple of months and somehow somehow, we became friends even after she left. The rest they say is history.

ATM, Dunni is more than a friend. She’s more of a confidant. She’s someone I’ve grown to confide in without worrying about her spilling out. She’s sort of taken the spot of my sister who’s currently MIA. She’s worth more than I can explain. I could pop into her house at any time of the day and vice versa. Even though we might not be on the same level spiritually, I’ve grown to appreciate her. I remember the day I tried to make her up for a wedding, her expression was priceless! I like the fact that she’s gradually rubbing off me. It took a while to convert her to join the Natural sistahs but it eventually paid off. LOL.

Dunni is an awesome human being and I pray that as she clocks 18 today, all her heart desires will be granted. Despite the fact that I’m sorta contemptuous towards her (I promise I’m changed :), I remember we’re not the same age and just simmer down. I expect so much from her but notwithstanding she never seizes to amaze me.


Happy Bithday Efundunni Adetutu Sowemimo
I wish you all that you wish yourself and more! :*:*
God bless you.

Thanks for being a friend:*:*

Always and Forever


To A Gem..


So it’s my sister’s birthday today. i hope i didn’t mix the date up again. A couple of months ago, we were at an embassy interview and i totally blanked out. I knew it was between 21-24, so i just picked one. SMH. For some reasons,we don’t live together. If I’m lucky enough, i get to see her once a year,so we really don’t have a relationship so to speak and we hardly talk. Yep! Crazy i know. She doesn’t even know that I’m a writer,hasn’t read any of my works and isn’t aware of my natural hair journey. We’re just…….Distant.

Regardless of our dysfunctional relationship, i still love her. I miss her so much it hurts.There’s a point in every girl life when she needs her sister to hold her back. Inasmuch as i try to deny it, i guess I’m at this point now.

Anyways enough of the sobbing..

Happy Birthday Mayowa!.

Wishing you all that you wish yourself and more

I love you so so much

God bless you. :*:*:*

Can’t wait to be re-united with you again.


A Very Special Gift :)


This morning i got a special gift from someone who i’ve come to respect and admire over the last 6 months. I think it’s a priviledge to know someone like him. He’s a breath of fresh air in this almost hopeless generation. So this really took me by surprise. I dunno. Wasn’t expecting it. This means so much to me really. As a fellow poet, i know what it means to put words together to make sense and delivered beautifully.

Ok enough here it goes,

A small poem for a petit pretty poet
From the cooking pot of my heart straight to yours
On thoughts of peaces and truckloads of love
Yes peaces because they are many
Peace in your heart and in your home
Peace right now and when you grow old
Peace as you find love and love finds you
Peace like a river that overwhelms you
I stir up the pots and up pops the love
Love because you’re divinely crafted
Fearfully and wonderfully framed
A snapshot of heaven on earth
You carry the whole of God inside your heart
Happy Birthday Dear.

My first impression was Wow! And now again it’s WOW! Really i’m speechless.

Thank You again 😀
You made my day with this.


It’s Your Birthday Baby! :D

2 decades ago
You were born into this world as a gift to your parents
Even in the midst of troubles and uneasiness
You were everything they wanted in a child
With charming smiles
And beautiful cries
They couldn’t help but give you a lavish party when you turned one
Because they joy knew no bounds
As you grew older
You grew stronger and bolder
A very bright student
Always came out in flying colours
And made your family proud
Grew in statue
As Jesus was your backbone
Still is
You were crazy about the things of God
Still are
You couldn’t wait to lift your voice to heavens
And give a dance offering
Because your life is all about Him
He saw you through school
You came out with good grades and excellent results
You were always ahead of your peers
Because you are
Highly opinionated
Full of life and vigour
Conqueror despite what life threw at you
Full of love
Jesus’ baby
But because of what you stood for
You didn’t allow anyone cross you
Highly defensive
With a mind of your own
You never let anyone impose anything on you
You always stood for what is right
Hardly ever conformed
Just wasn’t your style
Always felt the need to be different and outstanding
Because you stood for Christ
Because you have a purpose
Because you’re set to fulfill your destiny
And because nothing is gonna stop you
From entering Heaven’s gate
With God’s grace
You’re gonna accomplish all that God has created you for
You gonna be blessed with an amazing spouse and beautiful children
And with that you’re gonna make the world a better place
Because the world sure needs someone like you
And with your writings
You’ll go really far
And touch lives
Because that’s what you’re called to do
You’re gonna make beautiful pictures
And help others appreciate their environment
With God’s grace

Happy Birthday to you!

P.S: This poem is dedicated to me.


Hey Guys!

So i had the weirdest dream last night/this morning. Ok maybe not the weirdest, i’ve had worse/better. You know that sort of dream were you’re in your future with a family and kids and you have everything working for you. You know very graphic sort of thing and then you wake up and you have this puzzled look. You can’t wait to get back to it. That sort of thing. *sigh. Ok now that’s not so weird i’m sure it’s a common thing. You know at first i had mixed emotions you know and then i realised it’s a good thing. There’s this sort of assurance that you have a firm and sure future by God’s Grace you know.

Ok. Moving on…..enough of all this mushy-mushy stuff. LOL

Ok so i’ve officially taken my writing career to another level. *whoop! I now write for a lifestyle blog Where i discuss all things natural and how to have and maintain a proper natural skin and hair care regimen. Ok so this should be fun! I’m pretty excited. All the crazy ideas in my head have finally found an outlet. That doesn’t mean this blog will be ignored. This is my first priority!!

And not forgetting ”IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!” it’s been all about God. Really for the past 2 decades. Lemme leave all the whole eulogies for tomorrow.



Hey Guys! 😀

*heaves a sigh*
Wow! It’s that time of the month again! Yes!! It’s the end of the month of May!!! God has been so faithful from January till date. If i begin to count my blessings,i won’t finish this post. I’m just so thankful!!

Wow! This month has been……this month! Yeah i’m lost for words. I dunno what to say/write. It’s been overwhelming especially concerning this blog. I’ve had loads of inspiration to write on which i was soo excited for. I received my very first Liebster Award. *whoop!! (More to come IJN). I also had shocking revelations i must say. You know that feeling when someone you’ve known for a long while just reveals something out of the blue. It just takes you off balance then you find yourself reminiscing the times you had together. Anyways that’s all in the past. There was also an overflow of emotions. Wow! I remember writing a post and crying at the same time. (Actually there were 2. Search for yourself -__-) That was really emotional for me. There were relationship tips as well as dreams and realities. And not forgetting the very dreaded Writer’s block. Ugh! I was so happy to overcome it!!.
My Natural Hair Activism also took off on a good start. (I promise a post on that). I found myself encouraging more ladies mostly on my TL to go natural. I was at the peak of converting @IRepEfeh. I encouraged her to take her time and do loads of research. As they say Knowledge is Power. I don’t want her to have any form of regret at the end. If she eventually succumbs, she’ll be my very first product. :D. In all it is/was a good month i must say. I think i wrote more original contents than any other month. Can’t remember now.

As always i’m really looking forward to a new month especially because it’s my birth month ^_^ and that of my dad’s and also because i’m expecting something really big from God. Yeah! So i can’t wait. I’m soo excited!! *rubbing palms* :D. Not forgetting more and more blogspiration. I’m looking forward to writing more and more posts :D.

My work here is done.
See y’all next month 😀


Hiya Good People.

In my quest to overcome the very much dreaded ”Writer’s Block”, i’ve finally braced myself enough to write a post. Contrary to the mega-comeback i had previously planned (There wasn’t enough inspiration/drive),this is all i’ve been able to come up with. *sigh. I felt like writing something. It’s been a while and i’ve missed you guys 😦 ^_^. (You can now say your awwwws) i know y’all did. -___-.

Erm my birthday is in a couple of weeks. (June 11 to be precise) and i’m not so excited. Hmm. Ok let me rephrase that. Not that i’m not looking forward to it, it’s more like i’m looking forward to something extraordinary that God is going to do before/after that day.(I’m really praying ‘before’ so it will be a complete package). So my birthday is just by the way. I’m more interested in this ‘Big thing’ that gonna happen. (Please don’t ask me for security reasons. I know you love me ^_^).

You know that feeling when you’ve been praying and waiting on God for something really big; something out of the ordinary and you’re just this close to getting it?! That’s how i feel right now. Such euphoria!!! It’s indescribable! My joy cannot be contained. Not because i’ve gotten it buh because i have the assurance (Yeah that’s the word) that i’m gonna get it and nothing is gonna hold me down. And when i eventually do,then my joy will be full and all glory and honour will be ascribed to God.

I hope you understand now why i said i’m not so freaked bout my birthday this year. I promise i’ll share my testimony with y’all when it finally happens. Aiit. So from now till June 10,y’all should just continue to pray for me. Okk. And if you don’t know what to say,lemme tell you. Say after me;
” Dear Lord, thank You for preserving the life of your daughter till this day. Concerning her forthcoming birthday, Lord give her birthday gift she will never ever forget for the rest of her life. So shall it be. Amen”

Fini. 😀 LOL.