NEW: #ThankfulThursdays

Hello people!

This week, in no particular order I’m thankful for

1. Good health
2. Gift of Life
3. Safe journey
4. The Internet
5. Yogurt
6. Boli and Groundnut
7. BRT Bus card
8. Tenth Avenue North’s Worn
9. @Replacement2
10. Hair products
11. Provisions(cash and kind)
12. BellaNaija
13. My Gmail
14. My handbag
15. Sunglasses
17. School exams
18. My phone
19. Photography
20. My mother
21. Sanity
22. Poundo and Efo Riro.
23. Life in general

This is going to be a weekly series. I hope I can keep up.

Always and Forever


The Boss’ Gift.


Today was a pretty good day. My boss and I settled our differences and have become fast friends. It was a free day, one of my colleagues was suspended and the other on leave. So it was just the both of us. We talked a lot [She’s such a storyteller]. Finally got to know a lil’bit about her education,career and whatnot. In the midst of the convo, I tried to pick my words and not step on her toes. I noticed she got offended easily. I sort of didn’t want a repeat of the previous week. Yeah and she got me a gift. She actually whatsapped me over the weekend asking for my shoe size. Lo and behold, she handed me a nylon bag with a pair of flats from Clarks when I got to work this morning. Exactly my size. I love the colour; that was basically what attracted me to it at first but I’m sorta still skeptical about the design. I’m not sure it’s something I wanna rock for now. I dunno. My mum says it’s designed for the streets of London. LOL. And I agree. So I’m just gonna keep it in my luggage until i get to the Uk or on my way.
Anyways I hope the rest of the week is as pleasant as today considering the fact that it’s my last week. I need them to miss me and request my presence again. LOL.


Hey guys!
Never thought i’d say this buh TGIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!. LOL. Even though my weekend’s fully booked and my wash day’s messed up. 😦 :(. Anyways on a lighter note, i’ve complied a list [Did i mention how much i love lists?! There’s this sense of organisation and meticulousness when stuffs are written down or a mental note is made somewhere] of things that makes me happy. Yep! The whole idea is to appreciate every little tiny detail/thing that comes your way. Happiness doesn’t necessarily have to be something grandeur. You don’t have to wait for that endorsement deal until we’re happy. Little things such as giving or receiving compliments goes a long way. Well, it does for me. I dunno bout you. LOL

In no particular order ^_^
1. Shoes.
2. Skater skirts
3. Ice cream
4. Chocolate cake
5. Makeup and makeovers
6. Kinky hair
7. Photography/photo shoots
8. Catching up with old friends
9. Beach house
10. Fashion/lifestyle magazines
11. Fresh fish
12. Crab wings
13.French fries
14. Suya
15. Reading [my old stuff]
16. New books
17. Watching High School Musical and singing along. [I know all the songs by heart :|]
18. Corporate clothing on both sexes. [Sexy!]
19. Twitter
20. Hugs & kisses
21.Doing things my way and having them work out
22. Chats
23. Caramel
24. Writing poetry
25. The sound of guitar strings
26. Writing new stuff
27. Seoul
28. Lee Min Ho ❤
29. Laughter and giggles
30. Manis and Pedis.
31. Tall built guys [e.g Lynxxx]
32. Pearls
33. The British Royal family
34. British accent
35. Eloquence and good diction
36.Thinking about my future
37. Clean & neat fingernails
38. Statement Neckpieces.
39. Paris ❤
40. The Message Bible
41. Karen Kingsbury's books
42. Hair Products [I'm not a PJ, i promise :)]
43. Perfume
44. Apps that make life easier.
45.Long romantic walks
46. Coke [of life]
47. Receiving compliments
48. Walk-in closet
49. Worship songs/sessions
50. Christian-fiction
51. Deitrick haddon's voice & songs.
52. Kierra Sheard's Indescribable
53. Finchel's voice
54. Songs by The Glee cast.
55. Easy convos
56. Weddings
57. Superheroes
58. Blue eyes
59. New York City
60. Front Porches
61. Pancakes
62. Gifts (giving & receiving)
63. Dancing
64. The Cinema
65. Somebody to love (Glee's version)
66. Hezekiah Walker's Moving forward.
67. The Internet
68. Long stares.
69. Floating Lanterns.
70. Flawless skin
71. Love letters
72. Summer dresses
73. Wittiness
74. Ankara fabric
75. Ewa Agonyin & Agege bread
76. Candle-lit dinner
77. French language
78. Spanish laguage
79. Nerd shades
80. Charm bracelets
81.Finishing a book from my “in progress” list on Goodreads
82. The Maldives
83. Ball gowns
84. Hotels
85. Small chops
86. Church and show choirs
87. The colours; Chestnut & Fushia pink.
88. Watching Fast & Furious 6
89. Cookies
90. Sleepovers
91. Waking up before my alarm and realising I have time for extra sleep.
92.The warm side of the pillow
94.Giving/Receiving random surprises or acts of
95. Happy positive people
96.Staying in
98.Alone time
99.A fresh bar of soap
100.A well-organized bookshelf.

What makes you happy?!


A Wholehearted Congrats!

Hey Guys!

Erm….so yesterday, a very good friend of mine, Sanmi graduated from the very prestigious African Leadership Academy. *round of applause* whoop!!!!!. I’ve known Sanmi for a while now, we attended High School together. Infact we had so much in common apart from writing entrance exams and graduating together. He was my very dormant partner. (Yeah we were prefects) and we used to fight alot. LOL. Anyways when i heard he got a scholarship to study @ ALA, my joy knew no bounds. Really, you would have thought he was related to me or we were a couple. Yeah i was that happy for him. Still am. I dunno i guess in some ways he has inspired me. Amean he’s done so well for himself within a very short time. It’s really a priviledge to have met and known someone like him because i know he’s gonna go realllllly faar. As i always say, he’s ”one in a million”. I can’t wait to ”famz” him and ask for autographs ^_^ LOL.

I’m really so happy for him because i know this is just the beginning of greater things to come and even as he moves on to Duke i pray God keeps and directs him. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding are all his. I also pray that God gives him the grace to discern and not get carried away. He will also help him achieve all his goals and dreams. In all, i pray he gets back on track with God and for the grace to live a fulfilled life because in the end that’s all that matters.

Congratulations Sanmi.
Always remember, there’s someone somewhere praying for you. :* :*

From me to you

One Of Those Things


So it’s Father’s day today?! I’ve always tried as much as possible to avoid talking about my dad simply because i really don’t have anything positive to say. And i don’t enjoy dwelling on negativity. Buh because of what today is i’ve decided to say a few things and get it over with. I might never talk about it again.

Last week, TNC ( started a series on ”Sins of the Father”. At first i wasn’t interested you know,i try as much as possible to avoid any talk on fathers/daddies, i have enough to put up with as it is. But after constantly clogging my TL with links, i eventually succumbed and read a piece on Envy or so. Can’t remember now. After scanning through (Yeah wasn’t interested in reading verbatim), i realised i couldn’t relate with what the writer was trying to pass across. So i left. Sometime ago, King tweeted something about missing his dad and all. Again I didn’t know what to say to console him. *sigh

I do not have a relationship with my father despite the fact that we share the same birthday and our rooms are opposite each other. All those father-daughter bond talk is just bleh! I have no idea what it means. And i’m here asking myself whether or not it would affect me later on. I mean so far i’ve been able to cope with my mother doubling as both parents. I aven’t really had problems with guys so to speak and i’m doing pretty good. I guess God has just been helping me really. That’s the only explanation. He has a way of filling the void and emptiness i feel as well as surpressing the resentment. Buh then again,i still hope the absence of a father-figure isn’t gonna have adverse effects on the long-run. *shrugs* whatever.

I really don’t wanna talk too much. I mean what’s there to even talk about. There’s no point. It’s not like it’s gonna change things or my dad is gonna man up overnight. Everything’s still gonna be the same. Buh you know one thing i’m grateful for?! I don’t have a distorted view of men generally. I still believe there are good guys out there. I believe there are guys who aren’t sex-obsessed, who don’t have the mind to raise their hands on women,who fear God and will make amazing spouses and fathers. Always at the back of my mind is that verse that says all things work together for good to them that love God. I probably wouldn’t have turned out this way if my dad was all lovey-dovey. A spoilt brat maybe. I’m sure i wouldn’t have been driven to write and start this blog. LOL

So some of y’all that still have fathers that are alive and functioning, give him a call, say a word of prayer on his behalf or buy that coffee he loves so much because some of us will trade anything in the world for that opportunity.

Happy Father’s Day.

It’s Your Birthday Baby! :D

2 decades ago
You were born into this world as a gift to your parents
Even in the midst of troubles and uneasiness
You were everything they wanted in a child
With charming smiles
And beautiful cries
They couldn’t help but give you a lavish party when you turned one
Because they joy knew no bounds
As you grew older
You grew stronger and bolder
A very bright student
Always came out in flying colours
And made your family proud
Grew in statue
As Jesus was your backbone
Still is
You were crazy about the things of God
Still are
You couldn’t wait to lift your voice to heavens
And give a dance offering
Because your life is all about Him
He saw you through school
You came out with good grades and excellent results
You were always ahead of your peers
Because you are
Highly opinionated
Full of life and vigour
Conqueror despite what life threw at you
Full of love
Jesus’ baby
But because of what you stood for
You didn’t allow anyone cross you
Highly defensive
With a mind of your own
You never let anyone impose anything on you
You always stood for what is right
Hardly ever conformed
Just wasn’t your style
Always felt the need to be different and outstanding
Because you stood for Christ
Because you have a purpose
Because you’re set to fulfill your destiny
And because nothing is gonna stop you
From entering Heaven’s gate
With God’s grace
You’re gonna accomplish all that God has created you for
You gonna be blessed with an amazing spouse and beautiful children
And with that you’re gonna make the world a better place
Because the world sure needs someone like you
And with your writings
You’ll go really far
And touch lives
Because that’s what you’re called to do
You’re gonna make beautiful pictures
And help others appreciate their environment
With God’s grace

Happy Birthday to you!

P.S: This poem is dedicated to me.


Hey Guys! 😀

*heaves a sigh*
Wow! It’s that time of the month again! Yes!! It’s the end of the month of May!!! God has been so faithful from January till date. If i begin to count my blessings,i won’t finish this post. I’m just so thankful!!

Wow! This month has been……this month! Yeah i’m lost for words. I dunno what to say/write. It’s been overwhelming especially concerning this blog. I’ve had loads of inspiration to write on which i was soo excited for. I received my very first Liebster Award. *whoop!! (More to come IJN). I also had shocking revelations i must say. You know that feeling when someone you’ve known for a long while just reveals something out of the blue. It just takes you off balance then you find yourself reminiscing the times you had together. Anyways that’s all in the past. There was also an overflow of emotions. Wow! I remember writing a post and crying at the same time. (Actually there were 2. Search for yourself -__-) That was really emotional for me. There were relationship tips as well as dreams and realities. And not forgetting the very dreaded Writer’s block. Ugh! I was so happy to overcome it!!.
My Natural Hair Activism also took off on a good start. (I promise a post on that). I found myself encouraging more ladies mostly on my TL to go natural. I was at the peak of converting @IRepEfeh. I encouraged her to take her time and do loads of research. As they say Knowledge is Power. I don’t want her to have any form of regret at the end. If she eventually succumbs, she’ll be my very first product. :D. In all it is/was a good month i must say. I think i wrote more original contents than any other month. Can’t remember now.

As always i’m really looking forward to a new month especially because it’s my birth month ^_^ and that of my dad’s and also because i’m expecting something really big from God. Yeah! So i can’t wait. I’m soo excited!! *rubbing palms* :D. Not forgetting more and more blogspiration. I’m looking forward to writing more and more posts :D.

My work here is done.
See y’all next month 😀

From the Depth of My Heart..

I was @ the movies today with a very close friend. He’s the closest thing i have to a best friend right now. On our way home, i asked him whether he had visited this blog. Prior to today,i had invited him and was really expectant. I couldn’t wait to hear his views and thoughts,his praise and criticism! Only for me to hear that he didnt even read my posts buh only scanned through and logged out.
Wow! That reaction killed my morale. i felt so bad. I’ve only had two friends on this blog and i thought if i advertised it more, they would be @ least interested.

I really wanna thank EVERY single person that has visited this blog. I didn’t really expect so much response because it isn’t the regular one,it’s more on a personal level. I’m really grateful for the audience y’all have given me. You have no idea what it means to me. Y’all have been there right from the beginning even with all my rants and vents. There are times when i’m angry or in a bad mood,i just come here and pour out all my feelings and feel some kind of relief afterwards. Not because of anything, buh because i feel somebody somewhere is reading and that’s just enough for me. Y’all have inspired me and i’ll be forever grateful.

From the depth of my heart, i just wanna say a very big THANK YOU!!!
God bless you all loads!

So Thankful!

2012 has been quite an eventful year for me like every other person. It’s been life-changing. I never knew it was gonna turn out this way. So many things have happened in the past year, both positively & negatively. It has been quite an eye-opener for me. I got to finally know the ‘real me’. I was exposed to totally new things about myself and my environment. I got to make certain decisions that would affect my future.
This was the year, i decided i wasn’t gonna flow with the crowd. i was gonna do things differently irrespective of what anybody thought. I was gonna stand for something & that was Christ. I wasn’t gonna succumb to peer pressure of any form. (One of the reasons i dropped some friends). i also decided what i was gonna do with my life, you know so that it could align with God’s plan for me. I read books that changed my life, listened to some overwhelming sermons and got to know about Deitrick Haddon. God knows i have been blessed. I dropped a couple of friends that meant the world to me and also made new friends. Got into school. Got my French Diploma. Became more Heavenly conscious. Become a Coke addict..Loool :p. Realized my strengths and weaknesses. Became less-wordly. Had new passions and dreams and a couple of other things. I have had a total package and i’m just so grateful because Ive grown and improved A LOT. I’m really impressed with myself.
When i sit down and look back and think about what God has done in the past 363 days, i’m just so thankful. God has preserved me, my family,my friends despite all that has happened this year. You will agree with me when i say its been a tragic year nationwide. In all God has been just faithful.
I’m just so thankful for all He has done because i know the coming year will be more glorious and i will have cause to testify of His goodness in Jesus’ name. Amen.