Natural Hair Journey

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March 2013
One Month Post Relaxer

A couple of months ago, I made a personal decision that would affect my lifestyle. I decided to stop the use of commercial products[ which I’m not so much of a fan of ] for my skin, hair and overall wellbeing and replaced them with naturals. I began to look for alternatives and started with my hair.

I made up my mind to go natural hairwise first of all not because it is fast becoming a fad or I didn’t have money to go to the salon[you’ll be surprised with the things people come up with] but because I was tired of my unhealthy damaged chemically-treated hair that seemed to be stagnant. Everytime I visited the salon for a relaxer touch-up, I would expect to come out with some length but I didn’t and it became a cycle I became tired of. My BSL(Bra Strap Length) dream was slowly dwindling. I suffered badly from breakage, split ends, uneven length[ I had no idea what trimming was then thanks to my very efficient hair stylists] and whatnot . I didn’t even explore the possibility of returning to my roots as I was always in the mercy of weaves(which I gradually began to detest) and braids.

6 Months Post-Relaxer

July 2013
5 Months Post-Relaxer

So far it’s been an amazing journey, I decided to go through the longer route of transitioning because I couldn’t accept the fact that I would become unattractive again if I had opted for the shorter, quicker and easier way of big chopping[ thanks to the 6 years of compulsory big chop in high school]. Nonetheless, it’s given me an opportunity to study and take proper care of my hair. It’s sort of a pre-natural phrase you know. I’m going to be transitioning for about a year or so, just before my next birthday in June. By then, my hair would have gone past a TWA(Teeny Wenny Afro) to a mini ‘fro  I can rock effortlessly.


July 2013
5 Months Post Relaxer

As for my hair products, I started out with the basics;
Shea Butter
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Castor Oil
Baking Soda
Apple Cider Vinegar
As a girl on a budget, I don’t have so much money to lavish on hair products so the issue of product junkism is totally out of the question. Notwithstanding, I would like to try out new and affordable products from time to time which is why I’m currently using African Naturalistas range of products[One of the perks of working with a team of amazing natural ladies] LOL.

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September 2013
7 Months Post Relaxer

I have a simple regimen which I’ve tried to follow religiously up until now.
Pre-poo with honey [when I feel like]
Co-wash twice a week
Deep condition weekly
Shampoo bi-weekly or when absolutely necessary
Moisturize with leave-in or hair spritz (combination of water,glycerine,EVOO, honey, aloe vera and leave-in)
Seal with Shea butter/moisturizing butter from AN/Oils(Glycerine,EVOO and Castor oil)
Cover hair with satin scarf @ night.
Protein DC ttreatment once/twice a month.
Palm oil DC Treatment or any other concortion for the remaining part of the month.

With Extensions
Shampoo/Co-wash biweekly
Deep condition biweekly
Moisturize daily with hair spritz

Seal with butter/oil


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October 2013
8 Months Post Relaxer

So that’s pretty much all that has been going on these past few months. I must admit it’s been quite challenging. Growth tends to go on a very slow pace so I try as much as possible to always hide my hair in protective styling most of the time so it’s not totally daunting.

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December 2013
9 Months Post Relaxer



Let the countdown to big chop begin!!!!


The Trim
21st December 2013

The Big Chop!

The Big Chop!
December 24th 2013

14 thoughts on “Natural Hair Journey

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  2. Hi Ebun! Thanks for the informative post on your routine. I’m natural, have been for about two years now. I was wondering; how do you use the baking soda? I know it’s used for washing locks so is it the same process with unlocked hair? Also extra info on sulphate free shampoos will be most appreciated. Thanks!!

    • Hi Aisha
      For baking soda, you mix one part baking soda with one part water depending on the quantity you want. Shake thoroughly, apply, massage and rinse out.

      Sulphate shampoos tend to dry out the hair so it isn’t advisable. Alternatively, you could co-wash with conditioner or buy a Sulphate free shampoo. African Naturalistas sell and deliver.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  3. Hi, guess am pretty late to the party. Anyhoo, i got bored of my relaxed (too much solange knowles in my system) and went natural last jan (last time i used a relaxer) had my bc in october. lets jus say asides d shea butter, motions nourish leave-in conditioner and water spraying i am clueless about this natural hair thing. so because my hair s quite stubborn a 4c i think m almost always on weaves n hair extensions. But hey its d new yr n part of my resolution is to b more conscious of my body (hair, skin, weight). The p is, I stay in Enugu and dey are few naturals here (so i think) hence u hardly find shops to get products from, the one n only casabella here is quite expensive for my budget. So i need help on DIYs for the meantime since i can find some of these items in supermarkets and local market. also is vo5 shampoo and conditioner ok?
    Sorry about the long epistle.

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