This past few weeks, I’m particularly thankful for

– The gift of life
– The Holy spirit who’s ever present nudging me to read my Bible even though I fail to most times.
– Provision of all sorts
– Steady internet connection
– Mindless chatter with the girls
– Intellectual conversations
– Perseverance
– Contentment
– Sanity
– Smiles, giggles and laughter
– Good reputation
– Budding friendships
– Roasted plantain and groundnut
– The ability to sympathise
– 8+ hours of sleep daily
– Good health in between relapses
– My value system
– The strength to study
– Priorities
– Functional ATMs without queues
– Love

What are you thankful for?



No Worries!


I’m reading the entries on the #30daysOfHope plan and I realise people actually have issues and mine just seems so minute. Over the years, I’ve grown to the point whereby nothing gets to me. I’m sort of immune to this things. I put up a happy smiling face 24/7 365. You would never know anything is wrong with me except I tell you and it’s been like that. Sometimes I think it’s a non-chalant attitude but I refuse to be depressed by my problems. I don’t think I want to carry them on my head or wallow in self-pity or demand pity from others. Often times, I just surrender all at Jesus’ feet and pray about it. If it’s recurrent, I console myself with the belief that God’s time is the best. It might tarry but it will surely come to pass. And that’s the end. I don’t think about it anymore because I have no doubt that God is in control.

”Casting your whole care [all your anxieties, all your worries,all your concerns once and for all] on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully”
– I Peter 5:7 (AMP)

I think this is the best version for the verse. There’s a sort of reassurance that comes afterwards.

It’s 2014. I have no idea what you might be going through. It seems there’s no headway and things aren’t going in the right direction. But you know what? Surrender all to Him and don’t worry,be happy. He’s there watching closely affectionately. 🙂

Love and Peace.

The Thing Called Fear.

”For God hath not given us the spirit of fear but of power,of love and sound mind”
– 2 Timothy 1v17

I think I’m the most paranoid person on earth.

I live in constant fear that something unpleasant will/can happen at any time. And I don’t wanna be caught unawares. I sort want to be expectant. I think about and expect the worse. I want to witness whatever it is that will happen.

Fear has become a
constant state of mind so much that living
without it is an anomaly. Subconsciously it just takes over and I find myself rebuking and rejecting. I’m convinced that God won’t allow any evil to befall His own but then the devil has a way of planting seeds of doubt in our hearts and I believe it’s up to us to determine whether or not it will germinate. Then again, paranoia can be really depressing. You literally hit rock bottom and feel that God has turned His back on you.

As amazing as 2013 was for me, this in particular was my biggest lowlight. This year, however difficult it might seem to be, God helping, I’ve resolved rise above that spirit of fear. Honestly, it’s a difficult feat because I’m faced with it on a daily basis, almost convinced that it’s a part of life so there’s really nothing that can be done. But I’m determined to rise above this feeling. It’s not something I want to dwell in.

So help me God.


From The Experience 8.

Hey guys!

The Experience was AWESOME! I can’t believe I’ve missed 7 years of greatness. Gosh! The most painful was last year when Deitrick Haddon came. Still haven’t gotten over it. Half-expected to meet him there this year but I didn’t and it’s all good. I just need to add attending one of his concerts to my bucket list. But the other artistes were amazing as well. They literally brought heaven on earth.

Cece Winans – Evergreen. She oozed so much radiance and performed splendidly.
Micah Stampley – Awesomeness. His voice! Oh gawd! I can’t believe I haven’t been paying attention to him.
Midnight Crew! – Greatness! They always deliver. I danced till I had cramps.
Sammie Okposo – He delivered as well. He had me on my feet in no time.
Tye Tribett – Energy!!!! Woah! Dude was literally flying across the stage. Love his haircut tho; I remember him formerly on locs. Excellent performance!
Eben – After his first song, I felt left out. He also seems to be quite popular.Also didn’t pay so much attention to him previously. He’s good too.
Don Moen – Uber Duper Greatness. When his name was announced, there was this renewed strength that overtook me. I felt God speak directly to me though the sequence and the lyrics of his ministration. That moment was indescribable. I had no choice but to let go and let God.
Frank Edwards – I have no idea who he is. Heard his name too a few times previously. His songs seemed quite popular too like that of Eben’s. There were a couple I was familiar with that I could sing along to.

Seriously these guys are grossly underrated.

Yolanda Adams – I love the fact that I could just listen and be blessed. It was her first time and she delivered in her own way. I enjoyed it..
Donnie McCulkin – Yoooo!!!! I don’t think I can ever get tired of listening to him. He was awesome as usual!
Mike Aremu – This was the point where exhaustion took the better part of me. l could only sway along to the beats and instrumentals.
Kingsley Ike – Wow! Honestly I don’t know this guy but he is a performer!!!! At this point, the only thing on my mind was my bed. So I joined in the spirit. LOL.
Apart from the terrible discomfort caused by our sitting positions, the hunger, the various odors oozing from various bods, the annoying guys that chose to pitch their tent in front of me,my friend bailing on me, I had a swell time. I could see the stage almost conveniently and had a couple of screens to my disposal. The network was terrible, couldn’t tweet through as I’d planned. In Nigeria, crowd automatically means no network. Had goosebumps almost all through and was moved to tears especially during Don Moen’s ministration. It was a good one. I’m glad I went and even more ecstatic that I didn’t have friends accompany me. I felt I wouldn’t have connected to God like I did. The journey home was….*inserts appropriate adjective*. Anyways, I think I need some sleep.

I looking forward to #TheExperience9 next year. This time, hopefully with my DSLR. I would love to cover a bit of it.. And maybe I could start tensioning Deitrick Haddon to come, afterall he follows me.*moonwalks* ^_^.


Quote Of The Day: On Making New Friends.

“I’m at that point in my life where I’m trying to ”avoid” the company of my old friends because of my faith. I’m always giving the excuse that I’m busy but in reality I simply can’t connect with them anymore.
Recently, I realised I was gradually becoming a recluse. The idea of making new friends sounds great but for now, I’d rather just be by myself and enjoy my own company.

P:S I have less than 5 friends atm.”

– EB.

On Trusting God.

For a while now, I’ve been struggling to trust God. Instead I’ve been doubting Him. My prayer life has suffered a great ordeal and I no longer believe my own words. I feel I’ve prayed enough and God is stalling in His answers. I believe He sees out hearts, our deepest desires and I expect some sort of reaction. The thing is I don’t have lots of patience. I sort of want things to be done ASAP! So that issue of praying over and over again is totally out of it. In this case, I’ve prayed,fasted and whatnot, God has revealed some of this answers to me and it’s taking forever to manifest. And I’m here questioning the authenticity of these revelations.


I’ve sorta surrended all to God. I don’t think too much about them anymore. I’ve diverted my energy to something else pending the time, I get answers. Some days I don’t even remember I’ve tabled this things before God because I strongly believe He’ll make all things perfect in His time.

Already and Forever

Diary of A Recluse.


So I was @ Dunni’s house party yesterday. After all the munching and drinking,thankfully there was an absence of alcohol, we all sat down to watch Trace in the absence of a DJ.(Thankfully again because I don’t know how to dance to club songs). The TV doubled as a speaker. Gosh I couldn’t stand the noise and the meaningless songs playing. I had to just manage as I began to plan my escape strategy. In the mean time. I turned to Twitter for solace. The football bants didn’t help much. Towards the end I think I ate something that upset my stomach as it began to give signals. Well, Dunni and her other friends were by one side giggling and jumping when there favourite song came up. My humble self was by another corner writing this post.


Story of my life.

One of the reasons why I’d rather stay home than attend a function.

I don’t dance

I don’t drink alcohol

I get bored very easily

Why then would I leave the comfort of my home only to get there and become a recluse simply because I can’t get along?


Always and Forever

A Discourse Concerning The Being and Attributes of GOD..


“God is the eternal, independent, and self-existent Being: the Being whose purposes and actions spring from himself, without foreign motive or influence; he who is absolute in dominion; the most pure, the most simple, the most spiritual of all essences; infinitely perfect; and eternally self-sufficient, needing nothing that he has made; illimitable in his immensity, inconceivable in his mode of existence, and indescribable in his essence; known fully only by himself, because an infinite mind can only be fully comprehended by itself. In a word, a Being who, from his infinite wisdom, cannot err or be deceived, and from his infinite goodness, can do nothing but what is eternally just, and right, and kind.” -Adam Clarke (1800’s)

Download the entire e-book A discourse concerning the being and attributes of God!

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With A Grateful Heart.

Hello People!

The long weekend is finally over. That was fast. I’m sorta happy it is cause i got tired of sleeping and tweeting all day. I need the end of the month to come ASAP! If you know what i mean. LOL.

Anyways on to the next one….

For a while now i’ve been believing and trusting God for something. It’s been my mum’s heart desire for almost two decades and mine for a couple of years now. A few days to my birthday two months ago, i asked God to give me as a gift before or after the day. My bithday came and went, there was nothing. I knew God was doing something. You know when they say God’s time is the best; it’s true. I didn’t lose hope. I had my doubts but remained steadfast. We prayed,fasted, sowed seeds,believing God,puting our faith into action. After a while, we just let go and let God. We didn’t even think about it. We surrended all to Him. Until two days ago, around 9am, we got a life-changing phone-call.


God had started with us. We were overwhelmed. Our joy knew no bounds. My brother and I tried to scream you know. We couldn’t contain ourselves. The screaming didn’t suffice. We decided to roll on the floor just to say THANK YOU JESUS! God was[is] finally in our household answering prayers. This was the beginning. It’s just a quarter of what we’ve been asking but still we’re grateful.

Whatever it is that you want from God,just ask. He is more than able to answer your request because He has told that we should cast ALL our burdens because He cares for us and that He will supply ALL our needs according to His riches in glory. Amen.

Have a blessed week.



What happens when for instance you’re asked [as a favour] to do something that’s completely out of your radar?! Something you’d ordinarily not think about, that’s completely out of your comfort zone?! Even after several attempts at pondering,it just doesn’t seem to come through. Not because you’ve had some sorta background knowledge [that’s totally out of it, there’s no knowledge whatsoever, only fragments of ideas here and there and what the society says], buh because you’ll rather not dwell on unpleasant things like this. You really wanna do this and not upset the person that has asked the favour or give a wrong impression but it’s not coming. You’re torn between doing this thing for the person and not doing it just because.

This my friends is my dilemma.