That Kind Of Woman

To he that I’ll love

I can’t wait to feel that love

I don’t mind whenever it is

As long as I’m with you

We could avoid the sea

Just for you

And follow the yellow bricks

Wherever it leads

Fiji,Bora Bora

Wherever it is

We could fly across oceans

Yes we will afford it

Save up,pack our bags

Pitch our tents on an island

As long as I’m with you

I can’t wait to meet you

To prove my love for you

With all that i am

I’ll be that kind of woman

I know!

This is a sort of reply to this poem.




It’s been a while
I felt this love
When I’m around you
I feel so vulnerable
My sensibility flies out of the window
You’re too good to be true
I can’t help
But build a wall
I don’t think I’m ready
To face this anymore
My heart is willing
But my flesh is holding back
I want to take this chance
I really do
But I’m torn
I can’t take the risk
Why does love
Have to be this hard?
Why can’t it
Have a smooth sail?
Why does it
Have to hurt so much?
But I’m gonna try
My heart is willing
To give it a shot
It’s been a while
I’m gonna take the chance
I wanna laugh again
Play pranks and giggle
Throw tantrums and banters
And just exale in the comfort of your arms.

P.S: It’s been a while. Long overdue. I feel like I lost my vibe so I went into my archives. It brought back emotions and this inspiration. Tomi’s poem also helped. I hope this continues.


A Conceived Reality

The aura of heartbreak
Was just beginning to wear off
When his eyes met mine
And lulled my senses.

My staggering emotions took the center stage
But he embodied such gentleness
And groped his way through

My quirks took the better part of me
But he turned a blind eye
And wrapped me in his huge arms

As we slow danced
Moving to the rhythm of the music
And living for the moment
His sotto voce lingered in my ears leaving a lasting impression

He listened to my shaky uttrances and reveled in them
As a connossieur of my deeds, his fondness clouded his judgement

My fastidious nature gave way to vulnerability when his fingers touched mine

Not in my wildest imaginations would I have ever envisaged such ardour.

If this is a dream I refuse to wake up because my reality is no way synonymous to this.



As we move to the sound of music

Locked in each other’s eyes

Taking a step at a time

With the world at our feet

Scrutinizing every move we make

But warped in thoughts

Groping our way through

Showcasing a bland smile

Because deep down in our hearts

We long for serenity.

On Relationships


This has been on my mind for a while and I thought I should share.

I’ve issues with meeting people off Twitter. Yeah. I’ve turned down a couple of people and I feel terrible about it. Not because of anything but because I don’t think I trust them enough to meet them. Talk about being so insecure.

In recent times I’ve been so engrossed with myself that I’ve gradually become a loner. For months, I could just stay by myself [with my family without friends]. The occupants in my tiny circle of friends have started enquiring. I just love my solitude. Is it that bad? I had a heart-to-heart with Dunni last week I think. We tried to iron out these issue of staying-home-all-week-keeping-to-oneself. After the discussion,I realised i’ve just evolved. Still am. There are certain things that used to appeal to me; a mean, anytime there’s a meet-up at the movies or anywhere I had to be involved. No one ever forgets to send an invite.

But right now, I wanna stay home and just create. With a backlog of research and deadlines to meet up, I simply do not have the time for small talk. Then again, no one is an island. There comes social networks. As long as I can keep in touch with them via Twitter and maybe Whatsapp, we’ll be just fine. Why then do I need to go out and face unnecessary traffic under the scorching sun all in the name of hanging out? No thanks!

There’s so much going on in my life right now. I’m still trying to find a headway. When people ask what’s going on with me; I just give a bland smile and tell them I’ve been busy. The next thing is to accost you and call you names. They fail to realise the period of chit-chatting is over.


I hope I eventually come out of my ”shell” but
until then….


The Boss’ Gift.


Today was a pretty good day. My boss and I settled our differences and have become fast friends. It was a free day, one of my colleagues was suspended and the other on leave. So it was just the both of us. We talked a lot [She’s such a storyteller]. Finally got to know a lil’bit about her education,career and whatnot. In the midst of the convo, I tried to pick my words and not step on her toes. I noticed she got offended easily. I sort of didn’t want a repeat of the previous week. Yeah and she got me a gift. She actually whatsapped me over the weekend asking for my shoe size. Lo and behold, she handed me a nylon bag with a pair of flats from Clarks when I got to work this morning. Exactly my size. I love the colour; that was basically what attracted me to it at first but I’m sorta still skeptical about the design. I’m not sure it’s something I wanna rock for now. I dunno. My mum says it’s designed for the streets of London. LOL. And I agree. So I’m just gonna keep it in my luggage until i get to the Uk or on my way.
Anyways I hope the rest of the week is as pleasant as today considering the fact that it’s my last week. I need them to miss me and request my presence again. LOL.

When Everything Else Fails….

When everything else fails
Where do we turn to?
When life becomes a rollercoaster
Who do we lean on?
When optimisim takes a back seat
How do we cope?
When our worst fears catch up with us
How do we bounce back?

Deep inside the answers are there
There’s an urge to reach out
To return to our origin
But doubt, uncertainty
Has taken the better part of us
What then do we do?

Relax and live on
Or fight to recover and be restored
Easier said than done.
Enthusiasm’s been jaded
Perception’s in a fix
Everything just seems hazy
What ifs and what nots

Life continues…

P.S: Does any of this make sense? Just asking. I just wrote as the words came. Wasn’t so bothered about the sequence. -___-

One Year Later

Seems like yesterday
When we broke the ties
That we thought would last forever
All the laughters and giggles
Gave way to bickers and pet peeves
With constant fumes
The fondness
Gradually went into extinction
Not even a fragment
Of our bond remains
All we have left
Are just traces of memories here and there
That thought alone
Makes me weep
So i just lock them
In one of the boxes of my heart
Awaiting the day
We’d finally be allies again.



Hey you,
Been a minute
Didn’t wanna bother you
This couldn’t wait
It’s been quite lonely around here
Really tried to distract myself
Got a job
Got involved
Buh in the midst of all
The crave for your warm embrace weakened me
There’s so much buzz around here
Buh nothing seems to exhilarate me
It feels like the world has turned it’s back
And has moved on without me
It only felt right to return
To the only thing that seems sane right now
I’d do anything to have you right here
Just in my company
Nothing more
No vocals
No expressions
Just your aura
Because everything just fades away
And nothing else matters
As long as i’m with you.

P.S: This doesn't necessarily apply to me.

Quite Friendly!

Hey guys!

Growing up, most of my friends were my juniors. In their midst i was always the oldest or close to with probably a year or two difference. And because of that, i always felt too ”matured” so to speak. I didn’t behave and act the way they did. Our train of thoughts were always apart. Our attitudes were quite different. I don’t even know how we managed to remain friends when we didn’t have so much in common.[They are called childhood friends for a reason and most times they are family/church friends]. When we got to a certain age, we went our seperate ways.

As i grew up and went through school, the same trend continued i found myself again among younger people. Buh this time, instead of being so uptight and condescending, i loosened up! I let myself live. I didn’t care. I let them tease and pull my legs. i let them love and condemn me. I let them share hugs and kisses. I bascially turned tables and became the ”baby” among them. I’m so glad i did because i made AMAZING friends back in school. But it wasn’t all rosy. There were often clashes. I had (still have) issues with those with ”low IQ”.Those that are sluggish and non-challant put me off completely! Infact that was the main reason for some ”failed” friendships! Those that give so much attention to worthless things irritate me. I’m very particular about the sort of people that are around me because i feel they should be able to uphold and stand in the gap for me and vice versa. I have high expectations because i believe my friends are part of me. They need to be able to inspire me[and vice versa]. We need to have common interests and go crazy whenever we feel like. We need to be able to appreciate each other and share similar values. I need to be able to call you @ 3am and talk. LOL. That’s why i don’t have too many friends. Too much responsibility.

Friendships are platforms for involvements in other people’s lives to make tangible differences. [positively or negatively]. And because they play a major role in our lives; as their influence cannot be avoided, i think we need to pay attention to the kind of people we hang out with.

P.S: Don’t mind me. Once we bond, we shouldn’t have issues.