Bucket List

bucket-listOK so these are a whole lot of things I would love to do before I kick the bucket.So help me God,Amen.



– Go to Paris.

– Ride in a red London bus

– Visit Seoul

– Buy an apartment in New-York

– See the statue of liberty

– Visit the colorful houses of Burano,Italy

– Shop in New York City

– Travel to all the places I’ve always wanted to go.

– Visit the Caribbean Islands

– Visit the walk of fame.

Stand under the Hollywood sign

– Ride the London eye

– Walk on the great wall of China.

– Make a wish at the Trevi fountain in Rome



– Marry a guy with a British accent or preferably a Korean 😉 Anything’s possible

– Find true love.

– Have a son.




– Be on television.

Become a professional photographer

– Write and publish (e)books

– Become a Freelance Writer.

– Take Photography classes

– Take Makeup classes




– Go on a no-budget shopping spree

– Kiss someone while underwater/Under fireworks/Under the stars/On the beach/In the rain/In the snow/At the top of a Ferris wheel/In the cinema

– Sing in the rain.

– Try food from all over the world.

– Ride in a red London bus.

– Attend a concert

– Have a closet full of shoes.

– Live in my dream house

– Influence lives positively

– Have someone write and sing a song about me.

– Own a beach house.

– Learn how to play the guitar

– Learn to dance.

– Learn spanish.


7 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Hey, I’m new to your blog nd I’m also a blogger. I must say that I totally dig your blog cos it’s not like other blogs.. Love the bucket list thingy. It’s weird, nd that makes it cool.. Keep it up..

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