Who Is Ebun? + Contact Me!

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A British-Nigerian bred in Lagos,Nigeria.

She loves God and all the things of God and believes fulfilling destiny is the sole purpose of our creation.

Currently studying French and International Studies and hopes to further her education in Media,Psychology and Creative Writing.

Her interests spread across Photography,Makeup Artistry and very recently Natural hair as well as Media and Creative Writing.

A budding freelance writer with big dreams and hopes to make money from the internet.

A lover of words, an avid reader and a recovering coke addict.

She loves to research and surf the net as she’s currently a contributor with African Naturalistas and Lifestyle with Jay.

She loves to dress up as she’s a huge fan of statement neckpieces and skater skirts. As she isn’t one that follows a fad, she describes her style as ”modern retro and urban chic”

As a Naturalista, she’s not a fan of commercial cosmectic products. She spends time trying her hands on natural beauty/hair recipes.

She’s a hopeless romantic who believes in fairytales and an advocate of Abstinence.

She hopes to inspire and change lives via her writings even though they are more of her personal experiences and issues she can relate with.

This blog is basically her comfort zone because she writes to escape.

I can be contacted via any of these platforms

E-mail: oluwolebun@gmail.com

Facebook: Ebun Oluwole/eBunite

Twitter: @eBunite

Google+: Ebun Oluwole

LinkedIn: Ebun Oluwole

Pinterest: Ebun Oluwole


4 thoughts on “Who Is Ebun? + Contact Me!

  1. Wow u sound like a cool person to know.would like to meet yu some day…oh might I add ur beautiful too…btw jut wanted to know how you are partly British,quite interesting,especially as you’ve lived in lag all ur life..holla!

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