Guess What?!

Helllllooo people!

Guess what? Guess? Guess now!!!! Alright let me spill the beans. *drum rolls*

I started Photography classes yesterday! *whoopppp!!!!! I’m so so excited!! This is something I’ve been looking forward to since the beginning of the year and now It’s here. During the class, we were given a curriculum of what to expect during the course of the program and you know the fun thing?, there’s gonna be a photowalk at the end. Too cool! I.Can’t.Wait. So I’m thinking, I’m gonna open a photo blog and share all the photos I’m gonna take to start off my career.

Another fun thing is we’re also entitled to mentoring. I absolutely love the sound of that. I was somewhat worried about starting off solo. So the idea of an older and more experienced professional to follow through sounds just purrfect!

Wow! Right now, I’m in a state of information ”overload”. Between the last two days, I’ve learnt so much that it’s overwhelming I must say. I can’t wait for this to be over and done with so I can strut my stuff in style. LOL

Alright then so I’m just gonna go window shop and put my faith in action for a new DSLR. And if you’re in any way led by the Holy Spirit to sow into my life, please feel free to get in touch.My email address is just by the right. 😉 Thank You in advance.

P.S:If you’re interested in joining the class, hit me up!

Love Always,


11 thoughts on “Guess What?!

  1. @Eb yes dear,but a trainee photographer is still an amatuer photographer,and you rilli becom a pro when you reach a certain level.

  2. LOLL ok dear and if you want a good dslr camera,a friend of mine as a new one to sell,but it is kinda expensive tho(120thousand) but it is canon,which the bst make of cameras.

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