Is Family Really Everything?

Hey People.

Two days ago, I sent a SMS to my paternal aunt requesting for a particular something I knew she could afford and effortlessly give out.[ First time in my ENTIRE life] At first, I was quite skeptical. I actually excepted her to turn me down so I prepped myself for the disappointment. Lo and behold, she did just that. I had to even give her a call to get a feedback. I felt really bad. Not because of the refusal, but because it actually confirmed my fears.


One of the reasons I don’t ask people for things especially my extended family. Over the years I’ve actually learnt to be content with whatever my parents are able to provide and gather for myself. Fortunately for me, the Holy Spirit has sort of been helping me so it’s become a value.

The quote ”Family is everything” seems to always fly around insomuch that it’s become a personal mantra for some. And I’m like ”what does that even mean?”. Note that in this context, I’m referring to the whole family tree which includes the extended family. Uncles, aunts, grannies and whatnot. In a typical family, there’s supposed to be a sort of connection. Everyone’s meant to look out for one another and be a sort of pillar of support. But that’s not the case in mine. Every time there’s a get-together or reunion, I try my possible best to avoid it or come up with an excuse. A mean what’s the point of being around people who only tolerate you. There’s no bond whatsoever and it’s so sad which brings me to the question; is family really everything? I don’t think this should be a generalized statement because it doesn’t apply to everyone and it’s overrated.

Yes I said it..

Family is overrated. [You don’t want me to get started on my immediate family]


Anyways my mum tried to counsel me and make me realise that God has a plan and purpose for everything. My aunt or any member of my family may not be there for me when I need them because God wants to do something spectacular, He wants to use someone else; a totally random person maybe so that in the end ALL glory will be ascribed to Him.

Always and Forever


4 thoughts on “Is Family Really Everything?

  1. awwwww…i can just imagine
    yea, there was a time i saw that quote somewhere too and I was like huh? in my mind.

    To me it isnt everything either. well it depends on sometimes but most times, u find out that wen u need them the most, they’re not really there and so u just hv to brace urself and hope things work out for good.
    If God be for me, who can b against me.
    it is well wt u!

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