I Could Really Use A Wish Right Now…


Hey guys!

You know there are times when you watch the news and talented people are awarded for their works in various levels or scroll down your timeline and see people that aren’t even popular twit pic whatever it is they do so well and you’re like; Dear Lord, where was I when You were distributing talents? And you can’t stop awwwing?
For instance, there’s this very amazing Nigerian artist, Kevin Okafor based in the UK. I happen to stumble on his works and followed him(on Twitter that is). Gosh! He is so so so good! Geez! You can check his blog out here. Often times he twitpics the various stages of his artwork and I’m always left in awe.

Anyways growing up until now, there are certain things I wish I could have done and still do. I really wish I had the talents you know. Hopefully before the end of my life, I will be able to do some of this things most likely by training. I think I’ve discovered most of my in-built talents.

I wish I could

1. Dance
like the Ciara type of dance and Mousse in Step Up movies;freestyle,ballet et al. ( I’m the most rigid girl on earth 😐 )

2. Draw & paint breath taking pictures.

3.Play basketball but the people in my father’s house won’t let me. They decided to hand down the wrong genes.

4. Be a superhero.
Rescuing people and all.

5. Be a martial artist.

6. Be a CIA agent.
Yeah the whole detective ish intrigues me.

7. Be married to a royal family. Yeah Right!

8. Act.
Tried acting in high school and I flunked. I felt i wasn’t cut out for it.

9. Feature in a musical movie like Glee or High School Musical.

10. Be a published writer.
That is if i eventually find my way round fiction.

11. Feature in a box-office or romantic flick.

12. Had a sense of humour.

13.Sing. Sigh.

With all this i think i still have some untapped potentials. LOL. You know what they say; Never say never.

What’s in your wishlist?

Always and Forever.




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