The Boss’ Gift.


Today was a pretty good day. My boss and I settled our differences and have become fast friends. It was a free day, one of my colleagues was suspended and the other on leave. So it was just the both of us. We talked a lot [She’s such a storyteller]. Finally got to know a lil’bit about her education,career and whatnot. In the midst of the convo, I tried to pick my words and not step on her toes. I noticed she got offended easily. I sort of didn’t want a repeat of the previous week. Yeah and she got me a gift. She actually whatsapped me over the weekend asking for my shoe size. Lo and behold, she handed me a nylon bag with a pair of flats from Clarks when I got to work this morning. Exactly my size. I love the colour; that was basically what attracted me to it at first but I’m sorta still skeptical about the design. I’m not sure it’s something I wanna rock for now. I dunno. My mum says it’s designed for the streets of London. LOL. And I agree. So I’m just gonna keep it in my luggage until i get to the Uk or on my way.
Anyways I hope the rest of the week is as pleasant as today considering the fact that it’s my last week. I need them to miss me and request my presence again. LOL.


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