When Everything Else Fails….

When everything else fails
Where do we turn to?
When life becomes a rollercoaster
Who do we lean on?
When optimisim takes a back seat
How do we cope?
When our worst fears catch up with us
How do we bounce back?

Deep inside the answers are there
There’s an urge to reach out
To return to our origin
But doubt, uncertainty
Has taken the better part of us
What then do we do?

Relax and live on
Or fight to recover and be restored
Easier said than done.
Enthusiasm’s been jaded
Perception’s in a fix
Everything just seems hazy
What ifs and what nots

Life continues…

P.S: Does any of this make sense? Just asking. I just wrote as the words came. Wasn’t so bothered about the sequence. -___-


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