20 Things I’ve Learnt.

Hey guys!

You know how we learn new stuff everyday?! Be it a skill,a language, a new word or a life lesson. Undoubtedly, each day comes with it’s own share. So today i’ve complied a list of lessons/guidelines/whatever you call it i’ve learnt and imbibed over my conscious years.

1. Put God first in EVERYTHING you do. God has a plan and purpose for your creation.

2. Attitude is everything.

3. Google is your friend.

4. Be spontaneous – step out of your comfort zone.

5. Be nice- you never know who you’ll meet on ur way to the top.

6. Don’t be fueled with negavitity. Just let go, it way easier.

7. Laugh at loud when you can.

8. Love yourself and your flaws.

9. Be happy- whatever the situation is, just be happy.

10. Read read and read- don’t limit yourself.Besides that’s the only way you can improve and expand your horizon.

11. Make a difference.

12. Smile always.

13. You can do absolutely anything if you set your mind to it.

14. Stand for something – you don’t have to be swayed by the crowd. Its cool to be different.

15. Premarital sex is a SIN.

16. Tattoos are WRONG – our bodies are the temple of God.

17. Choose your friends wisely

18. Death is inevitable and no respecter of person. ANYONE can go @ ANYTIME!

19.Marrying the wrong person is the worst mistake ever! [Apart from going to hell tho]

20. Modesty and decency is forever sexy!

Ok! So what life lessons have you lived by?!



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