Oh! And Btw;

Hey Guys!

Today was my first day at work. Oh yeah and btw, i got a job. I really don’t know how that makes me feel yet. Maybe because i haven’t gotten any sort of satisfaction or it’s too early to conclude. I dunno. I’m home now and i feel so exhausted and stressed out. I have a feeling i might not last long there. Amean i’m already looking out for another job. Probably might just stay a month. Yeah. Whatever. As long as i can fill that empty space under ”Work Experience” in my resume which btw, isn’t looking bad. I’m actually proud of myself and how far i have gone. I’m not sure any of my mates have even thought of writing one. Everyone’s still focused on school. Not that i’m not, i just feel the need to go the extra mile and have an edge over others. ( i sound so ambitious right? Yes?….No? Whatever mehn). Like i said earlier, it’s too early to conclude or make any sort of generalisation. It’s just my first day. So by the end of the week, i promise to give y’all a thorough report.

P.S: My boss said ”no phones allowed during school hours”. She’s kidding right?! Amean who does that?! *rme ^_^. *screaming; She can’t do that!!!!*



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