A Wholehearted Congrats!

Hey Guys!

Erm….so yesterday, a very good friend of mine, Sanmi graduated from the very prestigious African Leadership Academy. *round of applause* whoop!!!!!. I’ve known Sanmi for a while now, we attended High School together. Infact we had so much in common apart from writing entrance exams and graduating together. He was my very dormant partner. (Yeah we were prefects) and we used to fight alot. LOL. Anyways when i heard he got a scholarship to study @ ALA, my joy knew no bounds. Really, you would have thought he was related to me or we were a couple. Yeah i was that happy for him. Still am. I dunno i guess in some ways he has inspired me. Amean he’s done so well for himself within a very short time. It’s really a priviledge to have met and known someone like him because i know he’s gonna go realllllly faar. As i always say, he’s ”one in a million”. I can’t wait to ”famz” him and ask for autographs ^_^ LOL.

I’m really so happy for him because i know this is just the beginning of greater things to come and even as he moves on to Duke i pray God keeps and directs him. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding are all his. I also pray that God gives him the grace to discern and not get carried away. He will also help him achieve all his goals and dreams. In all, i pray he gets back on track with God and for the grace to live a fulfilled life because in the end that’s all that matters.

Congratulations Sanmi.
Always remember, there’s someone somewhere praying for you. :* :*

From me to you


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