Hey Guys!

So i had the weirdest dream last night/this morning. Ok maybe not the weirdest, i’ve had worse/better. You know that sort of dream were you’re in your future with a family and kids and you have everything working for you. You know very graphic sort of thing and then you wake up and you have this puzzled look. You can’t wait to get back to it. That sort of thing. *sigh. Ok now that’s not so weird i’m sure it’s a common thing. You know at first i had mixed emotions you know and then i realised it’s a good thing. There’s this sort of assurance that you have a firm and sure future by God’s Grace you know.

Ok. Moving on…..enough of all this mushy-mushy stuff. LOL

Ok so i’ve officially taken my writing career to another level. *whoop! I now write for a lifestyle blog http://www.lifestylewithjay.com. Where i discuss all things natural and how to have and maintain a proper natural skin and hair care regimen. Ok so this should be fun! I’m pretty excited. All the crazy ideas in my head have finally found an outlet. That doesn’t mean this blog will be ignored. This is my first priority!!

And not forgetting ”IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!” it’s been all about God. Really for the past 2 decades. Lemme leave all the whole eulogies for tomorrow.



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