An Early Birthday Gift ^_^

Hiya Good People!

Yesterday, in the midst of running errands for my mum, i got an impromptu invite to the movies. The phone call took me by surprise. Asinn my friend and i were still planning,we hadn’t set a date yet. All i knew was before the end of this week, were gonna meet up. *sigh. I was so pissed and at the same time excited. I wasn’t properly dressed. The plan was to get home before 4pm. I wasn’t thinking of stopping over anywhere especially since i wasn’t feeling well. (Still kinda down tho).
Long story short i grudingly carried myself to Shoprite Ikeja. Had to wait for like an hour for them to finish Hangover 3. Ola begged me to chill. At first i was irritated and then pissed. I wasn’t interested in waiting until he told me we were gonna watch Fast 6 in an hour.

I was like SAY WHATTTT?!!! My countenance changed ASAP! I couldn’t believe it. No i could. I didn’t have the choice buh to lounge about. Actually i sat in the lobby watching trailers. Who would miss an all expense paid trip to watch the most AWESOME movie of the year and not forgetting the free food. ^_^.

Fast foward to 4pm when the movie started. I had high expectations and i knew the Fast 6 crew wouldn’t dissapoint. I mean i’ve seen the trailer and the movie. *sigh (Let the rant begin!!!!)
First of all the movie is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The most awesome i’ve seen in recent times.
I dunno the cast was so synchronized!!. They make flying cars look easy.
The stunts were AMAZEBALLS!!!
The humour!!! I mean Tyrese and Ludacris make a fabulous team. I could stop laughing and screaming. (Note: Never go to the movies alone! Make sure you have an accommpany even if it’s just one person. Buh the more the better :D)
I don’t dig cars or automobiles of any sort (I’m a female duhh why would i?! *rme) buh the races were just…. *fans self*i need to calm down*
The part were Dominic saved his girlfriend was Dayummmmmmmmmm!!!!
The high point was the scene where they crash-landed the plane. I was like WTH?!! Who does that?!!!
You needed to see Ola and I yesterday. We literally brought the roof down with our screams. All our modesty was thrown out of the door.
And then the end with Jason Stratham,i couldn’t contain myself.
Ok. No more spoilers. Y’all need to go and watch that movie whatever it takes. I promise you won’t regret it! Take it from me!

The bottom line is I HAD FUN! For the first time in ages i laughed out so hard that my ribs ached. I was totally myself around them, there was no need to be all defensive or trying to prove a point. I was totally comfortable even when they teased me about my height. (Which they always do). I almost did want to go home despite the fact we left quite late. They might not realise this,buh they have given me a gift that i might not forget in a while.

Special Shoutout to Ola and Deola. I love you guys to bits. ^_^ :D. And yeah you make a cute couple.



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