the Seine…with you

Aww! Beautiful!!!

rainbows & potholes



Tell me about your dream weekend away…

Where would you want to go


With u…

Anywhere with u


I want to see Paris…

I want to take long walks with you

Sit at cafes and gossip about the people around us


I’d love that


We’ll visit Eiffel and fall in love with one another

…and with Paris


oh my

I can imagine it already


We’ll visit a boulangerie and pick choice croissants…

sit on a curb on Champs-Elysee

and savor the delight with our lips and tongues

We’ll go to Fête de la Musique…

my arms around you as we listen

to tunes

of love

of a beautiful tomorrow

of forever and amens

We shall take a boat across the Seine

pretending to count goldfish

making wishes…

whispering them to one another

so no one else can hear

We shall fall in love

make love

be in love

under the…

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