Writer’s Block

Hiya Good People.

I think it’s safe to say writer’s block (Google is your friend) has finally caught up with me. Amean there’s no other explanation or how do u explain this total blankness. I can’t seem to place my head on something and just write. The inspiration isn’t even coming forth. *sigh. I cannot believe i’m just stuck cause this past few weeks have been going really well for me. It’s been overwhelming. And now i’m here. A fellow writer advised i try and write something. I couldn’t think of anything but this rant. My apologies. Someone else said i should take a break.(I don’t think being stressed has anything to do with it or does it?! But i’m not. I promise.) I hope i get back on track ASAP. Really! Cause i can’t stand this!!! *Arghhhhh

Bear with me.


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