Have Women turned to Commercial Products?

God bless you for this!!! It’s just so sad.


This isn’t a women’s day Post, Just so you know. the picture caught my attention.

This topic was inspired by a response I gave to a question when asked. Though I cant remember fully well what I was asked, my response I can remember quite clearly

Why should I expose any form of restricted flesh when I’m not selling anything. My friend burst into laughter at such a response. Though it was funny to the both of us at that time, it’s so true. Very true

Why wear a very revealing dress that is bound to show the secret parts of your body if you’re not selling anything. It’s a question we should ask ourselves as Women cos I do ask myself this question when it pops in.

Isn’t it disturbing if a full grown woman of age dresses up and decides to expose her breasts or reveal her backside?…

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