That Chapter..

*sigh. I can totally relate…..once upon a time.


I’m not a very emotional person. I’m sure you’ve all figured that out. I can be super passionate, considerate, empathetic and even sympathetic.. but I am not emotional. I am rational. I’m a thinker. I make sense, not emotions. I am not emotional..

Well, that is.. unless I am. Unless I get emotional, I am not. But when I do, I am very.

Does that make sense? Well, I’m a sensible person, so I’m sure it does.

Right now, I am emotional.

On a very deep level. So emotional, I can’t speak. And in an attempt to voice my feelings, I have decided to type. To share, to lay it all bare.

My heart is in pieces. If ever there was a heart-break, this is one.

(un)Deserving loss.

I guess we’ve all had them. Those emotions, those heartbreaks, those friends..

Those friends we love more than others…

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