What are words?

Nicee! Food for thought.

Virtues And Truths

Words pack enough potency within them. They are pockets of creativity. Spoken, written, sung, or rapped. Words birthed the world as we know it; the Bible says, “and God said…”

Every creative/destructive act has its roots in words.

Let there be light.
Will you marry me?
You are fired!
I love you.

Words are the lifeblood of man’s very existence. “Let us build a tower to reach heaven…” When word meets word, when there is singleness of purpose, man is sure of success. As I write this I am forced to face the reality that words are irretrievable, once set loose, they race out like wild dogs and latch on to the object.

I hate you!
You are stupid!!

Words are packed with more power than a nuclear bomb; they are double-edged swords that can sow the seeds of peace and can also tear through a city like a whirlwind…

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