Missing Rib (A reply)

i’m lost for words. Just beeautiful! #MyMissingRib Where are you??


Today’s post is written by Dami in reply to yesterday’s post by Lamide Wilson. You should read that Right Here. I assure you, you’ll love eet :). Anyhow, enjoy this and be blessed. And drop your comments below 🙂
Me Again,
Aunty Hotstuff ♥♥

To my Missing Rib ♥

Ouch … you are really strong … don’t elbow me o!

To her whose throat buds with beautiful words,

Words hewed just for me;

Thanks for being patient,

Thanks for eating popcorn as you watched romance movies,

Thanks for keeping those love songs and learning them for me…

I’ve been praying for you. My Love.

Have no fear… Our lives will be an endless twirl of wonders,

Your presence paints my world in vibrant tints and hues,

I can see your naughty grin of ice cream persuasion,

For your heart was skillfully hid, entrenched in Christ.

It won’t be…

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