i totally agree with this! Buh the gossip part *winks* i’ll try. Gonna be a lil difficult. It’s all good tho.


BeAwesome: #311 Mature (4 Things You Should Spend Less Time With)


Everyone has a kid in them. Something will always excite you. If you do not. Or nothing can excite you. You are missing out. We catch ourselves acting like a kid in different situations all the time. It is normal of course. It is something great about the person.The individual. And different experiences that cause different reactions to things in life we enjoy. You do not have to be an adult to be mature. You do not have to act like an old man or woman either (Even though everyone calls me old man :-)Growing up. I was always considered and “old man”. Or a oldsoul. Mainly because of the decisions I made in the moment or before and up and coming event. Deep thinking. Sometimes when you are growing up, you do not think about occasions or events…

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