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BeAwesome: #312 Fearless

To me, Fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death- Taylor Swift 

One thing I enjoy about life is fear. The anticipation of not knowing what may or may not happen is something I like. I find it intriguing. It is something I learn from everyday. Through conversation with family and friends. And growing up. I believe that fear has shaped a lot of my life choices. It started at a young age. Interested in playing the piano. Trying out for baseball and basketball teams. Taking part in contest. And really putting myself out their as a person.

Stages of Fear

Kids are usually not afraid of anything (Ages 3-12)

When you are a kid it is often easy (not all of the time) to find friends or try something new. Or do something you are unsure about. You don’t really care about what…

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