Much ado about Valentine!

I don’t get what the frenzy is about Valentine! Personally i think it’s overrated and blown out of proportion. I don’t think you have to wait till a particular day to show love and shower gifts on loved ones. There’s so much attached to that day that girls go as far as losing their virginity and other ridiculous things. Twitter has been an eye-opener for me especially during this period. You’ll find out there’s a lot of immorality on that day. People go as far as spending so much that they forget themselves. They want to please and show off! And you tell me it’s supposed to be celebrated! Oh Please!
Just yesterday i read an article about ‘the Truth about Valentine’. Because of it’s length i couldn’t finish buh from the little i read, valentine does NOT have a Godly background. I’m not going to bore you with all that. All i’m trying to say is February 14th is not as important as February 15th.
Don’t get carrried away because the world makes it seem right. You should ask yourself, does God bless you once a year? Does He show love to you on a particular day?
Mind you, i’m not against Valentine. All i’m saying is it should be done in moderation. Share gifts,show love and don’t do things you’ll end up regretting. Trust me your life is much more important than this day!

Happy Valentines Day!


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