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Virtues And Truths

This is not a poem or some “long-thing” article on the horrendous demise of imagination. It is just a very short (and I mean it) piece documenting my thoughts on female dressing.
It is noonday in Sub-Saharan Africa. The burning hot sun rages relentlessly, scoffing at the efforts of several pedestrians as they try to manoeuvre the onslaught of the heat wave that threatens to scythe off any breath of sanity in the Lagos air.
Ladies and Gentlemen, have you ever asked why the Fashion Industry is taking after financial houses and the Government in cutting costs? It seems like the designers of the world have suddenly realized the endangered state of snakes, spiders, sheep and the respective scarcity of snake-skin, silk and wool for making clothes. At least that is the only reasonable explanation for the proliferation of scantily clad vixens parading our streets.
We seem to be hurtling…

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