Be Yourself

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Here I am, in a world,  trying to mould me into its desired shape. Trying to make me live up to its standards. I’m in a world where I have to be like everyone else, one where ‘being different’ is not considered, or appreciated. People are hardly watching you, and those who are, are quietly waiting to watch you fall. It’s a world where different appellations are created for you. Once you don’t share their interests, or do what what they do, you are tagged as ‘weird’.  It’s a world that feeds you with lies, and makes you confused till you are no longer sure of your identity. You constantly ask yourself, ‘who am I’?

It’s a world that intimidates you- the whole system. They make you feel defeated and weak, when you do the right thing. When you can’t beat them, they don’t have to cajole you with words…

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